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List no Houkou

1. The manga is still going on for Asatte no Houkou. Volume 3 is the latest volume, AFAIK.

2. There are more characters, more spoilering fun! SPOILERS!


4. No, thankfully I wasn’t spoiled, but if I were you I’d AVOID IT. Said the person who was, to me.

5. Nayuki is still the best.

6. In as much as copyright is a hot topic on the internet today, the anime slice of the copyright-topical pie is something that I am trying to delineate into discrete topics that are forward-looking. We have a lot of dialogs about now-looking and some paper written from a past-looking perspective, and that’ll be useful to talk about what is to come. I think this is particularly exciting when you look at it from the cross-licensing perspective. Bishoujo gaming, the rise of shoujo manga, gunpla, and professional costuming are just a few examples.

7. I’m still pleasantly surprised that I can bring myself to watch Akiyuki Shinbo’s Negima?! without prejudice. I hated the manga, I hated the anime, but most of all I hated all the fandom. The surprise is pleasant because the remake is actually enjoyable! It’s hard to find shows that are so enjoyable when you’re trying to hand-pick from all the offerings. Going by hype, cover, OP/ED, and what have you only gets you so far. Shows like Tokimeki Memorial is going to get left behind, despite the quality production. Maybe I’m just lazy and even if I can download the raws and have the ability to enjoy raws, I just don’t have the time and drive to watch them half the time.

8. Black Lagoon is still love.

9. I dropped Code Geass like a brick, sort of along the line of Innocence Venus. Neither are bad shows, but I am not in the mood. I think I’ve had enough angst from my weekly dose of Red Garden to last for a while. Yet, I’m watching staple stuff like Death Note (I think I owe it to some people to watch it) and Pumpkin Scissors. I’m probably watching the latter just for Kana Ueda, on that note.

10. Is that why I stopped on Nana too? What does it say about women? Besides that they’re sympathetic yet probably slam-worthy targets for femnazis? I dare not to ponder further.

Hetare no Houkou

Asatte no Houkou needs no one to sing to it praises. So I will try not to.

Hawt Loli

In some ways the best thing about Asahou(?) is that there’s an element of uncertainty. The premise itself is the kind that leaves the viewer with a strong impression. We know that Shoko and Hiro were ex’s that parted on odd terms, and it’s uncertain what has transpired before and after their unfortunate parting, in respect to Shoko’s current state of mind. We also see some kind of odd sisu-con mixed with the idea that Hiro is just trying to be a father at the same time. Lastly we really don’t know what’s going on in Harada’s head, but we can guess to some success–that it is a state of adolescence arriving too early for an elementary schooler. She learns fast from her brother, in that both of them hold back when they probably shouldn’t, and they act like big babies.

I think that’s my problem, on the other hand. I suppose it’s a curse at the same time that I can’t help but to think and apply genre tropes to a show like this. Asahou gives me so much on the plate that I’ve already constructed something and set a bar, an expectation, to what the story has to achieve. And in my mind, I’m thinking if the story is masterful, it will construct a build-up and resolution superior to what I imagine. Even more masterful is when the story do that to misdirect, and later surprise its audience who thinks like I do.

But I don’t want to do that to a show, and the show deserves better. We can concede that the artistic direction and general quality to Asatte no Houkou is pretty good. We can expect drama, and we can expect some kind of heartful end involving the reversal of the fantasy-coming-true. But is that it? I am doomed to be unable to enjoy this show as a slice-of-life mood piece because it places on the plate, front and center, a dramatic plot. (Not to say Asahou is a slice of life show.) I have to care for it in abandonment of just sitting back, not caring, and enjoying the ride. It preoccupies the mind.

And when the grey matter goes on, it doesn’t stop until it’s done! Argh.

Still, I think it’s a real danger. If indeed Asahou does not play itself out to be as good as I think it can be, I will probably end up disliking the show. It’s not to say that will happen, but it’s now more likely, only because of how the first episode turns out.