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Stroke Yourself

Reminder: Kawasumi Ayako @ Otakon 2006!

Because comments are now enabled on this blog. Go to town.

Even the deragned need company, desho? Imaginary or otherwise~

Starting From Scratch

I’m inclined to just resign the material I posted from my old blog.

The story is that when my free hosting expired, I failed to do due dilligence and backup the data locally. Now that despite my meager effort to contact my old ISP (1and1), they’re retarded and won’t even allow me to pay them for it. I suspect the mySQL db was wiped or something, which would eliminate most of the useful things I had up there. On the other hand majority of the important things I already had local copies before I put them up anywhere, or easily googled up.

So aside from the 2-3 years worth of image macros, avatars, some miscellaneous blog entries (which are often available in different formats on my xanga), I have pretty much everything that I care to keep. Nonetheless I’ve spent some time posting all kind of weird stuff, and it’s sad to see it fade into the wired.

I took this opportunity to revamp and upgrade. I guess I know better now and the wordpress community is multitudes bigger. More themes, more features, more fun; but hopefully that doesn’t mean more headache.

The other thing I thought about is making an anime blog, in the style of Jeff Lawson‘s “curse,” as a real editorial enterprise in the English-speaking arena of anime fandom. The only things that keep me from it is my lack of interest in reading what most blogs have to say, and the commitment. I’d blog like once a week or two, and that’d be just slightly better than Richard Posner. That’s just terrible…or is it? I suppose I’m not quite at the point where I can care less about it.

It isn’t so important, after all.