Year In Review 2012: It’s a Mustard Seed, Right?

There’s not a lot to say about it besides that, yep, I produced in 2012.

The iDOLM@STER is this franchise based on some video games. In recent  year it spun off not only into new consoles and game genres, but in the form of an anime. Well, that’s very 2011. What is new in 2012 is how I now live with that fact and its consequences.

In 2012, I obtained an iM@S poster by playing jan ken with another fan. Which has its context in the overall idea of the games/franchise.

In 2012 I attended a couple iM@S panels. In fact I attended a con largely to do just that. It wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t producing.

I bought my first iM@S game in 2011, but I actually didn’t plug in to the DLC world (and all its ills) until 2012, and it kinda hurts! In a good way. But I am only several hundred dollars poorer than if I wasn’t producing. What probably costed more is the reputation loss for being associated with these things. It’s not like I had music creds to begin with but, man, these are not so good.

In other words, this is the sort of story where a simple decision can change your life. It’s like the parable about the mustard seed. If your attitude is right, it’s gonna go big. And maybe that’s a good thing.

No Kotori in that video! Would’ve been a perfect analogy. Right?

Funny thing is I wish I was joking; the song and video really do refer to the same notion as demonstrated by the parable. It’s just one is much more SRSBZNS than the other. Well, do we count marketing across the language and cultural divide through sub-cultural fandom a parallel to the Kingdom of God? I suppose both pay dividends.

I think a lot of the good things about anime and its community comes from these kind of experiences, where I meet people who have faith in the stuff, and the intangible things that connect us together. It could just be a hobby or a song or a favorite artist, but when idealism walks the walk good things happen. Other things happen too, but that’s for another post. More importantly iM@S is just a lot of fun. It is for everybody. In fact in 2012 I’ve seen all kinds of people enjoying iM@S fandom–you have King Author with his little plane there on one hand, on the other hand there was these twenty-something cosplaying girls from NJ/NY that run a panel by taking a normal car or mass transit. The World Is All One indeed.

Up next: Or is it “Gotta Catch Them All“?

Year in review 2012:

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