Howling for Indignation, A Pack of Coyotes

I have better things to do under a hot August day than this?

Straight from Danbooru

I mean, what the?

I’d just have left it on the Stock Exchange, except I hate those things that requires me to use a bug-me-not account, as to not going to bother with it at all. Furthermore I think his post merits commenting, so instead of working on the damn long blogging series or preparing to get my house in order before Otakon, let’s see what I can spare.

1. The truth is that Coyote Ragtime Show is pretty decent, yet it manages to take a very mainstream subject matter and turn it on its head for the sake of a particular group of people that has a perchant for this sort of shows. It’s not another Cowboy Bebop, that’s for sure. It isn’t even Samurai Champloo, although I think people who enjoys Coyote Ragtime Show will no doubt like both of them. It is the forging of a genre identity in the sense that UFOTable managed to take something essential to all those shows, and make a twist out of it. The result is that the new identity is only going to be appealing to those who liked those essential elements.

2. Badassery. Those of you who saw Futakoi Alternative may recall Niidaime’s father. He, really, is what Mister is. I agree that until Mister actually dishes out some whopping it would remain hard, for some people, to believe this old dude is capable of it. But a badass is a badass not because he can do badassery things–it’s because that’s who he is. I think this point is only strengthened by Franca’s relationship with Mister (and her father to some extent), in comparison with Rentarou and his. Just how much does badassery get in the way of a healthy relationship? In other words, to Rentarou, his father isn’t a badass; nor is to Franca, Mister. Yet Rentarou’s father is a total badass to everyone else. The difference here is that Rentarou’s dad is not a part of the viewer’s experience, OTOH here we’re looking at the “real side” of Mister along with Franca.

3. Obfuscated focus. We started the Coyote adventure with Angelica and Chelsea. They are wonderful characters by all means. But ultimately they are important only from a plot device perspective. Given how the audience are being told the story from the perspective of the Coyote crew, we already have that inside view. Maybe the narrative may pan out back to Angelica like how the show has been doing it so far once we get to another mysterious junction where Mister alone holds all the cards, but even then the rest of the Coyote crew have no clue what’s going on. Which is to say, what role will Angelica and Chelsea play? There really isn’t much left for them to do. The narrative, however, will pan back and forth–what are we to do? It lacks focus.

4. Popularity. Yes I’m fully aware people who like that kind of show are probably watching it already, thx gg. That’s that. But more people can watch and enjoy Simoun. Seriously. ;)

Simoun fans unite!
Soft subs!

5 Responses to “Howling for Indignation, A Pack of Coyotes”

  • TheBigN

    Love the pimping for Simoun. Now to just continue watching it when I go back to college. :P

  • Crayotic Rockwell

    FYI, I believe that’s October and not August? But since we’re on the topic, what tag did you punch in to find it? I got nothin’ but chickens. :/

    (Also if letter confirmation is turned on isn’t posting comments to blogger relatively painless? Uh, not that I’m desperate for comments or anything.. i’m just saying :P)

  • omo

    Danbooru: easy, just load it up, punch in “August” and see who you get :p And then you can find the other related tags like “Coyote_Ragtime_Show” and whichever other months of the year you’re interested.

    Blogger: It’s just my own idiosyncratic position regarding to having an account to post comments. I have a xanga blog too, and it’s the same there; but that serves a different purpose than my anime blog. If you’re a real comment whore (like myself) then it’s still better to host your own, or use a hosting service that doesn’t care for details like that (eg. wordpress).

  • Crayotic Rockwell

    Hmm underscores, so that’s your trick :)
    Goddamit, you’re right about August.. I just checked the picture that had them all with the corresponding girls and it turns out I can’t count properly. For some reason I thought the 8th month in the year was October.

    And August is a much more sux0r name so chalk up another negative point for CRS!

  • omo

    Noooo not negative points for Cowboy Ragtime Samurai!

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