Summer in Neo Venezia

Aria is the name of my friends’ newborn (well, she’s a month old now). Isn’t that something? Now every time I visit them it’ll remind me of … Aria. Or even when I get their voicemail.

Subs Are Voiceovers!

This summer, life isn’t as peachy as a hazy day living at a watery planet’s clone of Venice on planet Earth. To me Aria is a mood piece. It’s like The Brilliant Green’s older CDs. I just can’t quite get into the groove unless I’ve spent a hard day doing hard work. YMMV, of course, but that’s how it is for me. It’s super-duper good at destressing.

But summer for me is often a time where I am not stressed. It’s not to say the pressure isn’t on (it is especially on this year for a variety of reasons) for me but I just spent too much time watching anime, going to cons, writing about watching anime and going to cons, and dwelling on thoughts about writing or watching or going to anime and/or cons. Work was not so exciting nor productive. All that…dwelling and thinking and going and watching took the edge off.

I mean, I’m buzzed on not just Simoun, but stuff like all the crap coming out of C70. Like Eufonius @ Narcissu 2nd, IOSYS’s craaazy Touhou album, or the new DJ Sharpnel’s PRETTY GREEN ONIONS. Well, all these things can be enjoyed while being buzzed in the head I suppose. (I haven’t tried it, that said.) Now that STC’s crew is back on track with those Aria fansubs, I’ve been so derailed from not watching them that I have a hard time sitting down and watching through an episode.

So, yep, we heat it up, but we also get down. Hottest Otakon Ever. Someone should do an Aria watertaxi cosplay/reenactment next year.

This blog entry is brought to you by Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Hourai Hourai Hourai Hourai (check the crossmix sample mp3 from IOSYS’s page)~

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