I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up, Get Off of Me New Anime!

I’ve fallen over from watching new anime blind.

That calm, deep blue. High-pressure Autumn air clusters. North American life. A suburbian existance characterizes the later part of my childhood. And not just any suburb, but one closely attached to a big metropolitan area. I’ve done this, just not during recess.

And I can’t get up. Out from the pit that Red Garden has got me. Like a dominatrix with her hand around your balls? Innocent lamb in the jaws of Satan? No, more like escapism and someone who wants to run.

I like autumn, honestly. It’s not so much of the melancholy (although it is fitting, compared to spring and summer) but the weather is just better, it’s a time when people get down to work and that really sets me up to apperciate each passing day.

...Part of your world?

It’s an Izumi Maki moment.

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