Sara Cruz, I Love Your Boobs?

Actually I take that back. Just her cleavage.

Somehow this picture reminds me of Nana Mizuki's new single

Soukou no Strain deserves a mention. It deserves some fan clamoring. It’s so far a very predictable affair–long separated siblings found themselves on opposite sides of a war; the protagonist, having lost all that is emotionally dear to her except her memories of the past, pushes herself forward to find out why it all happened. In the process she finds and reveals a lot of other secrets that the writers of the show hid, each in its expectant places. Well, at least it has an excuse–it’s an anime and sci-fi rendition of this book. It should seem familiar to many.

Sara reminds me of this show’s lead female. And she’s…not my type of girl, yet I admire both of them so? So driven, valiant in just the wrong way to be…hrm…appealing to the fleshly senses. In as much I hate watching an anime about stupid people getting smarter, I sure like anime about jaded and emotionally scarred people learning how to live like a normal person. Go figure.

But while the story is tried and true, I think I can only take the shell of Marlene for only so long. I think I was so :rolleyes: when I said to myself while watching episode 3, “ZOMG, the doll that gave her a place of solace and comfort turns her dream into reality! Next thing I’ll see is that this is not a real deus ex machina, but an elaborate, Evangelion-esque backstory involving clones with even bigger boobs and some kind of lousy human genome project hack that turned her brother into a terrorist!”

Still, the show itself is relentless. He’s right about its intensity. I think as long as we get more of the other characters to balance out the angst and add some flavor to the main story this is going to be a very good ride. Screw Code Gas, this is where it’s at.

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