Time to Engrish Forever, Baby?

“Sorry to keep you waiting Jumbo, I brought you your prom date”? LOL. This is so dying of a Yotsuba& parody.

Got Rice?

The muse that is Black Lagoon resurrects in the form of LOL I am Chinese so I got the slanty eyes? Or is she just evil?

I’m glad the show flexed its muscle at this critical episode, 22, because so far Second Barrage is heavy. The middle 3 episodes with Mr. Benny’s Good Fortune capped a good, refreshing break, but it was also the low point in the series when it comes to production quality and direction. Mr. Chen worked in season 1, and not so much here. It’s a welcomed distraction to the drama and inter-relational conflicts.

I mean, did you really need me to tell you Revy-Ginji is a foil for Yukio-Rock? Surely not.

But the Japan arc continues into 23, which means it’ll likely to continue into the final stretch of these 24 episodes. I think that’s probably best, but not knowing the manga (and I imagine so far it’s a faithful adaptation) I’m not sure if the pacing works out. When you don’t have that bang-bang-bang pace to bring the plot forward, you use those bang-bang-bang scenes. But what happens when you can’t use either?

Is that when I point out that Omi Minami, Miki Nagasawa and Houko Kuwashima are all in the cast this season? I’m glad that Kuwashima got Yukio–lots of great dialog parts for this part-time character. Speaking of the voice acting, if you’re still hung up on the Engrish, you might want to do see your doctor and schedule for an “am I a Weeaboo” examination.

One last thing–the bird/angel allegory continues!

Pleats rocks

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