Type-Moon Tycoon: Under a Frozen Sky

And so it ends: Part I and Part II, and this is Part III.

Saber & Rin

I took the pictures for Shiki and Aoko along with Rin and Saber. If I’m going to cuddle up with snow and ice and below-freezing temperatures, I might as well get it all over with at once.

Alter is a company that makes kits that have some very cool sculpting dynamics. But beauty has always been a function of the observer, and that’s the reason people are still buying Kotobukiya kits. What I’m trying to get at is that the Type-Moon FA4 set has diversity. The two Tsukihime heroines are very dynamic and the two Fate Stay Night heroines are a lot more traditional. Saber sports a solid, traditional but agressive stance (with very good footing versus lean), and Rin has her best foot forward (or she just shifting weight?) and secured just by her rear foot (like Shiki).

Still, in the end you’re paying $60 or so for 8 boxes of this stuff. It’s a great deal as each kit itself is worth probably $10 alone. I have PVC kits that were slightly more expensive and even worse crafted, even if it’s got more “material” to show for, at least. These feel good to have showing on your shelves.

Onward with the pictures. Of not-so-sad girls in snow…

That’s it. Saber without her metal pinafore looks a little plain, but under careful examination it is actually quite fanciful. Just look at the trim of her skirt. Both of them.

And notice the detail on her plated jack boots. It feels like a MMORPG character in partial dress, and it looks ludicrous. Except on Saber it actually looks good. Or does it? Can’t they have her wear normal shoes?

Even her back looks good, for that plain yet “there’s something special” feel.

The most eye-catching detail is her ribbon.

and it looks like she’s shifting to the side, but I think that’s just an artifact of anime-proportion human-look-alikes. One thing I didn’t get to show you with Shiki Ryougi was just how long her lower torso and legs were. It’s 2/3 of the figure’s height. For that matter, she stands very solidly. No leans, likely or not.

Somehow I feel wrong taking this picture. But yea, could use more hair detail.

Is it a coincidence that the day was partly cloudy but mad windy? Rin’s cloak was creating more drag, and neither of these two figures are all that weighted down.

She has a face. To be fair, of all the good things about this FA4 set, face fans will not like it so much. I thought the faces were average at best, and some of them are just plainly odd. Good thing that on the kits where the faces are important they didn’t botch too badly. I thought Rin looked serious and not too much made-by-tiresome-Chinese-sweatshop. Maybe it’s still better if we get some beer goggles.

I tried.

I sort of worry about potential lean problems (from this angle it looks like she’s walking forward). But I dunno. Time will tell.

I guess she is walking forward? Or leaning against the wind? Burrr.

Pretty plain here; at least I apperciate the paint detail (sorta kinda).

I haven’t really looked into a lot of other Rin kits (even if she’s my favorite Fate girl), but is it me or that they always have her skirt detached when they ship? I suppose it makes sense this way from a manufacturing perspective because her skirt looks best as a separate piece that goes on top of her legs, then you sandwich it with the torso piece. And it makes painting her underpants and the “zettai ryouiki” easy? I care not for the details. I’m sure a lot of random otaku will get all riled up if they skip out on those kinds of details.

No zettai ryouiki with this Rin. And I like it this way here. That thigh-high nonsense is silly and this Rin is not very silly so we want it to look serious. The buttons are well painted. I’m surprised.

Don’t stock your figures head-first. They don’t look so swell :)

Omake time?

Here’s a big picture of Rin. And…


In some ways, the snow matched the white bases well. If I was adventurous I’d detach them from their bases and plant them into the hard-packed snow. Too much work, and requires digging.

Until next spending spree.

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