Kingdom Come

Reality may not be what we know it to be.

Look into my eyes...

In my own experience, life is history and things yet to come. We have childhood dreams as it is a function of the mode of existence that all human beings take: a linear progression of causes and effects.

The problem is in how we perceive our immediate reality. This blog entry details my revelation watching Manabi Straight episode seven from this perspective.

Ever wonder how God sees you? For an all-loving being who loves you all that he could, does he sees you for who you are, or does he sees you for how you see yourself? The super-objective observer, by some notion of Heisenberg uncertainty principle, is one that does not change the course of things by mere observation, unlike how we see things. Of course, God is not a super-objective observer; but neither is ourselves.

No, this is not about Noein; but that anime, too, share the same theme as Manabi Straight: your destiny is preordained by how you perceive your destiny. In fact, what makes Manabi, as a plot point, “stick,” is her ability to draw people into her world. It is awfully reminicent to me as to how Christians are called to bring people into God’s kingdom–to not see the world like how we see it, but how God sees it. Manabi (and crew) toiled away to bring her (and theirs) “world” into reality. They do so not with a dragon’s torque or fancy quantum computers, but through pure sweat and tears. It takes a lot of heart to be able to run that race and face the cooler, harsher “reality” that may have plagued Mei’s mind in an earlier episode.

The more down-to-earth(? LOL) description of reality is that it is a circle of mutual reaffirmation. Manabi or Mucchi may start the cycle, but for every soul they have blessed with their kindness and support, it perpetuate this cycle that Mei and Mikan blesses Manabi and Mucchi (and others). But I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about where Manabi is mentally. She is absent minded, but that’s because the reality she sees is not just optimstic, but heaven-istic. She brings a piece of what’s good about this world to the people around her.

But that’s why UFOTable is so good! Your kingdom come, your will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. Can you see the reflection of heaven in her eyes, too?

The distance between them is more than 5cm...

2 Responses to “Kingdom Come”

  • Ronin

    Inspirational post, I must say. :)

  • TheBigN

    It’s been a while since a post has made me “think”… :)

    Manabi is a driving force. And it’s that drive, combined with her conviction, optimism, and inspiration that I think makes others feel comfortable in believing in her and working for the same goal that she is. It’s funny too, that it’s one of the few times I’ve seen a character in anime genuinely mean what they said, or even here in our “reality”. I really feel that, so go go ufotable for doing this.

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