Sexy Confusion

I think Touka Gettan wins for this season’s most thought provoking anime for me.

The Melody

Reeling from the shocking brutality of Bokurano, I think I’ll stick with joking incestuous references and gender-bending dimensional stone swords and frilly girl-on-girl action if I wanted to be confused and disturbed at the same time.

Episode 3 had an impact on me. I think partly because how it reminds me of Melody of Oblivion at some of the key scenes; partly the musical score reminded me some of the best stuff that came out of the entire YamiBou thing (namely this somewhat-indie album released in 2002 for the game). It really captures both the oddish feeling you get when you’re just totally lost in a self-sustained universe where our familiar rules don’t apply, and something grand is happening and you just don’t know what it is?

But really, let’s talk about spreading body fluids with people you shouldn’t spread body fluids with. In some ways tackling social taboos are one simple ways to get some sort of message across. In Utena and Melody, it’s pretty clear. Yamibou had the same element but it wasn’t really a driving force. In some ways the anime unfolded in a much more…sane way that the message made sense rather quickly as the story unfolded.

Not so with Touka Gettan. And it’s exciting to see all that ground work already. Too bad it’s way confusing without giving us the focus at the same time.

And is it me or Momoka is like…Mamiko but isn’t?

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