Running With Fleeting Spring

My blog is totally seasonal.

The wave of new anime, the sweeping change of weather, the longer hours under the sun–as much as a person is in tune with his surroundings changes along with his environment. A new but familiar light shines on the things he sees and in return, he expresses himself in a new yet familiar way.

The anime scene, too, is seasonal. Speedsubbers change gear as some study for their collegate finals and relocate to their summer residences while others find extra work and slack to pick up on the new wave of anime coming this current season. The American fan circuit buzzes with anticipation for the summer con season while raging over their hormone-driven moe obsessions in increasing intensity. Fans, like lovers, find new affections while settling their older, character-defining, past follies in the niches of their personal histories. Perhaps it will make them wiser rather than more jaded?

It’s time to change your desktop wallpaper?

For many it is also a numerical change; like a sinusidal wave, the amount of disposable income for all of us weans and surges. Some are finally recovering from their End-of-Year tallies; others are already tapped out from the few first-big-sales they ran across this year. Many more hold on, for better or worse, in anticipation of something more beautiful coming this year.

In the never-ending circuit of screen caps, figure reviews, and new announcements it really pays to take a step back and breathe. Get lost in something else; refresh yourself with a cheaper pasttime for a short while. And I say this with less figurative speech than you think.

Take a clue from Sola’s Matsuri (and I suppose also the Seiou Seitokai, if you’re a night person) and just lay back and enjoy. It’s good for you, and probably good for everyone around you, too.

3 Responses to “Running With Fleeting Spring”

  • j.valdez

    > It’s time to change your desktop wallpaper?

    I wrote an automatic random wallpaper changer a long time ago. Leave it to chance…live free!

    > Get lost in something else; refresh yourself with a cheaper pasttime for a short while.

    Shhhhh, I’m supposed to be studying…

  • TheBigN

    It also helps that I’m currently feeling the end of the school year crunch, so it’s more of a forced laying back in terms of paying attention to new anime. I’m at least finally crunching through older series on the backlog. :P

  • super rats

    Perhaps it is time to change my desktop wallpaper at home. I’ve only had the same one for almost a year now. I still like it though.

    Nice message.

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