…This Fully Armed and Operational Comedy Station!

Revisiting Full Metal Panic – Fumoffu is timely, I guess. Enough to blog about.

Kyoto Animation’s new comedy, Lucky Star, has the attention of some people. I think. Not sure.

A while back (over a year ago now?) a popular media retail chain was closing. I raided one of their more urban stores and found some volume 1+box combos eating dust for a low price. As a small reward for having finished school and enjoying a few days’ worth of break, I watched it on the television. It would be the third or fourth time I braved the overly energetic tsun-tsun performance of Satsuki Yukino with otherworldly antics of an animated counter-terrorist.

With the strange word of the director change for LS, it occurred to me to check just how funny Fumoffu is rather than my rosy memory of how it was. Two birds in one stone, right? I also feel kind of bleh lately. Too much staring at the computer either for WoW or anything else…

And it’s funny still. It no longer has that shock factor to it, because I remember too much of it (as the series is quite memorable). But also because you need an audience to watch that show with; watching it by yourself is a little… Like eating a meal alone, I suppose.

The sharing nature of a piece of anime was something that Kyoani does well to imbue into their works. Even that random dance sequence… Someone must like that stuff, and it shows.

2 Responses to “…This Fully Armed and Operational Comedy Station!”

  • Kenny Liu

    lol I loved that random dance scene~ only Kyoto Animation can make me laugh so much!

  • Lupus

    Posting to show support for the awesome Fumoffu.

    I don’t think Chidori is overly energetic – I love everything about her character. She’s as close as I’ve ever got to actually loving a fictional character.

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