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I know by now a lot of you have watched Touka Gettan 5.

A moment of tenderness...mmmm

Who am I kidding? It’s like the most confusing anime since … Utena? No, this is way more confusing than Utena. Maybe Boogiepop Phantom? But not even that; not everyone looks like eroge superstars with hair that only look good when your robe is half-fallen open (revealing some lacy underpants, if any), sprawling on your bedding, sick with spring fever? Er, I mean too many characters look alike with the hair, hair coloring, and face.

But it’s not just the purposeful confusion or the iroppoi (not eroppoi?) slew of half-possessed, across space and time menagerie of a cast that keeps me watching Touka Gettan. It’s things like that Japanese-style stall/fast food made-to-order store in episode 5. It’s not unlike how you’d buy a woman’s summer outfit:

1) browse in the store

2) pick it out and try it on (complete with “dressing room”)

3) ask the store to modify it, tailoring to your desires. While you wait.

Momoka’s penchant for Nori-ben (and other foods) may be why she’s so attractive, for me. Or is Saori Hayami outdoing Mamiko in a Mamiko role? I foresee a bright future for this … voice actress that I didn’t find any information about in a short time. It’s sort of refreshing to hear a “soft tsun” voice when rest of the show’s cast is doing “come have hot sexxorz” voice, “squeaky kohai” voice, “lol woman playing a boy” voice, or in episode 4 and 5, the Kefka laugh. Guh.

Better cut this post short before I get distracted by all that pr0n.

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