Re: Heroic Age 7

I guess this needs a comment.

[your_mom] delivers!

“Did anyone notice DNA‘s ass”? You bet I did. Actually if you paid attention the past 7 episodes you would realize depending on the angle of their butts, definition vary. And this applies indiscriminately to all the characters in the show. Normally I’d chalk it up to cheap production values; after all this is not a show that is suppose to wow you with great animation; it’s by all means pulp space opera. Naturally when you just want to get some character on the screen, you pay attention to their upper body and face, but their lower body is mainly just for walkinglooking like the character is like a human. How do you draw flabby or flat butts anyways? Throw two generic curves in and we’re all set! At least she has correct looking chops in the OP.

Of course, the comment comes in an inopportune time, in my opinion. The end of episode 7 was fairly impressive; unexpectedly finding help in the form of the largest-boobed fleet commander (am I making an accurate statement here?), right after some awesome Iron Tribe fireworks is something refreshing and “yay.” And if you’re like him:

You know where your eyes are pointing at.

Yukana is Love

So I guess it’s only because I’m watching episode seven for the second time that I actually paid DNA’s ass any attention.

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