Cherry Blossoms United


This is just a list of really neat things that I’m putting together (with help from many others; you know who you are) that makes Manabi Straight’s ending such an awesome experience. It’s proudly a contender for my Best Ending Evar.

Needless to say, SPOILERS. But such good, warm, fuzzy spoilers.

  • Loli’s in a Mini.
  • The realization that the outfits they wore in the OP are the same as the ones in Mikan’s return, and Mikan’s outfit was the same with her outfit in her dream from episode 7. Plus that the OP actually took place in the show’s continuum!
  • The most awesome and meaningful Victory Pose.
  • The guitar riffing with Mikan’s feet.
  • The guitar riffing + special ED + what happened to everyone afterwards
  • Momoha’s publication.
  • A Happy Life.
  • Mucchi and Mei fussing in traffic on the way to the airport.
  • The scene on board the train; not just Mikan’s tearful reprise, but how it answers the question implied in episode 1.
  • Manabi’s hovercraft.
  • “Sempai” talk.
  • The allegory of a cherry flower in bloom (see picture below–configured like a cherry flower), how in episode 11 (which is where that picture comes from) was the blooming, and episode 12 they part (in which you see plenty of fallen blossom) like cherry blossom in season (see episode title).
  • It’s still extremely cute.
  • A lot of Momoha lines.
  • Merorin Q!
  • Completing the humanist message.
  • Mei and Takako in the credit roll.
  • Tagging up their alma mater.
  • Resolving Mika’s dream in episode 7.
  • :3
  • The sweet sorrow of parting.
  • The clapping.
  • “Do you enjoy your happy life?”

Damn you Funimation, better get on with it!

Feel free to add your own to this list in the comments or anywhere!

11 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms United”

  • wildarmsheero

    I still think you’re absolutely out of your mind.

  • omo

    Open your eyes to the things unseen!

  • dm

    For a bit, I thought the Funimation news explained the absence of fansubs, but, no. April Fool is the cruelest month. Though maybe the absence of fansubs is hinting at something….

    I was a little surprised when Kamichu was licensed quickly. And the summer announcement season is only just starting, so….

  • elvyse

    * Takako and Mai in uni, and Mei blushing at Takako’s remark.
    * Manabi’s brother in his Lupin The Third outfit.

    You’re absolutely right, this is THE gem of the season.

  • Mags

    Such a great feel-good series. All UFO Table needs to do now is bottle that feeling up and sell it for massive profits.

  • dm

    More items for the list:

    – Mikan’s bunny hair-clip when she leaves for America (pretty clearly a gift from Manabi-of-the-bunny-patches-on-her-pockets).

    – Mikan’s panicked shy-attack on the airplane to the States (and overcoming it), when the passenger sitting next to her tries to make conversation.

  • Pete

    I just loved the epilogue for ED. That’s how you should spell “closure”.

    Everyone is still mum on licensing though. I wonder if this is going to be another Mahoraba.

  • omo

    I’m hoping it’ll make it for AX or Otakon as they’re traditionally big announcement events for US licensees.

  • Danny Choo

    The last sketch of the manabi girls is great!

  • Mohammad

    1) Shimojima sensei’s efforts are finally acknowledged when 2 students ask him to pose with them for a picture.

    2) Takefumi is appointed as a new teacher in Seioh Academy by HIS GIRLFRIEND!! A discussion about the effects of nepotism on society ensues.

    3) The Manabi “Massugu ni Go” pose is officially adopted as the salutation pose for Seioh Academy Student Council.

    4) Mutsuki is swarmed by fans during graduation. Mutsuki is DA MAN.

    5) Mei has a driving license! What other qualifications does she have that we don’t know about?!

    6) The new student council president is already putting manga sketches of herself on council posters and banners.

    7) The new council president has a cat mouth like Mikan! I guess it’s part of the required credentials.

    8) Instead of walking into the setting sun like in other dramas, the group walks towards the rising sun in the last scene.

    9) Saluting Mikan at the airport had all the marks of an official military salute with the arms of the group replacing the rifles.

    10) The American on the plane looks like a chubby version of Hillary Clinton!!

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