Korea Is So. Far. Away.

Old news alert. Ragnarok Online 2 Concert.

Yoko Kanno

You can get the full scoop here, but damn. Omo demands video bootlegs of this thing.

What gets me isn’t just Yoko Kanno. I’m a fanboy, sure, but look at the guest musicians going to Korea to play with her:

Origa, Mai Yamane, Maaya Sakamoto… Well, I hope these names are self-explanatory. Especially that last one. The concert is not going to cover just Kanno’s RO2’s stuff, but some of her newer works like GITS as well as her Bebop live things. I suppose Origa does have live experience already. Damn.

That’s not all: Tsuneo Imahori is going to be on the guitar. I’m not a big fan of Imahori, and it’s not his first time playing with Kanno, but he has a nice pile of his own compositions on my computer (Trigun, Gungrave), plus his own guitar playing. The same probably can be said of Shinozaki Masatsugu (Jin-Roh). They’re both, of course, former Seatbelts.

There’s a teaser video on youtube from the scoop link up top.

When I first heard this news in May I thought to myself “blah HATE RO and Korea is so. far. away.” But I should’ve known better that Kanno’s shows are FER REAL and not silly little gags you see at an anime con. And she does put on a show that’s worth flying to, if you love her music. But those who travels to Korea would know, summer flights from the US are high in demand and very expensive.

Well, gg Korea. I’ll QQ later.

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