Phisicalqantity Alternation Natural Deconstruction Organized Research ARRRRGGGUUUUHHHH

Killing me softly with crappy Engrish, yep.

What’s in a name? A whole lot, if you are keeping tabs on the gay marriage debate going on in the United States. But Darker than Black’s wrangling of PANDORA is just plain gay.

The past semester at school I worked with a client who is an aspiring writer. She came up with all kinds of neat words that are mnemonics for phrases–all of them actually made a lot of sense if you read them in full. Well, no duh, she has to make sales pitches to potential investors and publishers (and lawyers) who will work with her and believe in the causes she is working for. And give her money. And she lives in an English-speaking society necessarily requires that, well, you can’t use Engrish if you are serious about being a writer.


The thing is, is it really that hard to come up with a good … thing for PANDORA? What in the world is “Phisicalquantity”? Why must you do this, Japan? There’s NO EXCUSES if like, half of your industry revenue comes from abroad. Especially with a title like this.


I mean, I would have been fine if no one ever explains to me what the hell PANDORA stood for. I would have been just fine if I didn’t know what HiME stood for (although that actually made some sense), but the Engrish was a good LOL for a show that isn’t to be taken seriously. Maybe we shouldn’t take DTB seriously?

And you would think after decades of anime watching I would care less about this crap. But alas.

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