Semi-Live Otakon Blogging Day 0 & 1 – My Fair Lady

This is really a crashing attempt at blogging. I got 5 hours of sleep last night and my sleep time is eating away by me typing this up. Maybe sometime in the next 12 months I’ll be able to get broadband on the go via some kind of cellular-level connection or something like that.

But anyways, just want to hit some key points that isn’t covered in the usual license announcements today. Obviously, Ouran was a big one and this year had a bigger showing of Ouran cosplayers than last year.

All the Mamiko Noto questions we posed got asked, basically. I actually pitched the “what is your favorite” question and the stupid translator dude picked up on it, even when I phrased it carefully and Noto-san didn’t even dodge it!

Actually Noto-san has been very awesome–35 questions in about 60 minutes. There was this Chinese otaku girl who was a huuuuge Marimite fan who covered those questions, and some bi-lingual otaku who pitched the juicer questions and as well as the Sola question. That’s on top of the autographing session, she actually shook my hands with two hands! ZOMG. I’ll spin this out probably tomorrow or Sunday.

There’s more to otakon — this year has the shortest wait time for reg ever, as well as a very interesting selection of cosplays (1 Kamina, 1 Simon, 1 Post ep-12 Simon! Also 1 Touhou’s Sakuya?). The weather was pretty good, compared to the past otakons.

AAA can really dance and sing but I don’t think Otakon is ready for a neophyte boy band. They were a great show but there’s only so much we can take this artifical stuff; half the people at the concert were there for AMV, anyways.

Geneon After Dark: picked the brains of the usual attendees like Jerry and for the first time Kevin Chu. He loves Manabi Straight! There is hope.

10 Responses to “Semi-Live Otakon Blogging Day 0 & 1 – My Fair Lady”

  • houkoholic

    > she actually shook my hands with two hands!

    Dunno how their behavior changes when go overseas, but that’s actually what all of them do in handshake events domestically. At least the ones I’ve been to (Nana, Shimizu Ai, Nakahara Mai, Minorin).

  • Owen S

    Who are you meeting at Otakon?

  • omo

    Not meeting with any bloggers, at least.

    houko: might be a person-to-person thing.

  • dm

    Get lots of rest Omo, then tell us more, please.

  • Owen S

    Aw. Well, have fun at any rate. Take pictures, they’re always good.

  • Ten

    The Mamiko Noto Q&A was actually enjoyable. Very few ‘irritating’ questions. I loved how Noto indulged the fans. Lovely and gracious. That’s what I can say. I’m not sure if you went to the Seki panel. But i was suprise that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (fan-wise). I enjoyed him as a panelist. But there were a couple embarassing moments from fans who seem too incoherent to speak.

    As for the cosplay, of course, there’s a lot of the usual suspects. But I saw neat stuff like Magic Knight Rayearth, quite a few Princess Tutu, and I think I saw a Kamina but the green hair threw me off. I wasn’t able to see Simon, though. My favorite would probably this girl who dressed up as a Pocky and can’t walk without toppling over.

    P.S. The 4-chan people scares me. And I only walked by the uber-line.

  • omo

    Glad to see you enjoy it.

    Spotted a Yoko & Kamina couple today. Yay boobs in public.

  • moyism

    Omo, was the Yoko and Kamina couple you saw, Yoko had dark black hair? I think I may have seen the same couple but only noticed at the corner of my eye while walking around the Dealer’s Room.

    And if I’m not mistaken, I think I also saw the Scarlet Whirlwind on the last day. Except it was a guy playing said character…

  • omo

    The scarlet whirlwind on Friday was a girl. She was pretty decent. SO MANY PICS.

  • omo

    And yes, that was the same couple, probably.

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