Semi-Live Otakon Blogging Day 2 – Simplicity

It’s important to note that a lot of people who attend Otakon do not go see the AMV features and the Masquerade, the two events that generally locks in the bulk of the con attenders. I think increasingly so this is the case only because the con attending population is refining. It’s not to trash talk AMV or the Masquerade, but both of these events are facing stiffer competition for the time of all the attendees.

But more so to the point (so I can get up and get stuff done before heading into line hell for Eminence in the morning) –

1. The only panel I attended today was Mamiko Noto’s second panel, and I was 15 minutes late going to it–I estimated that I probably missed maybe 7 to 10 questions tops? Anyways, that stuff will go up with the stuff on Friday once I get home and air out my notes. The real highlight was this Konata’s Dad-esqe moment: so get this, this scruffy old guy (think of creepy old-looking otaku you run in at big cons) brought his 3, fair-looking children–girls of ages 8 to 11, give a take a few–dressed up completely in Marimite garbs. One was a really good estimate of a SD Yumi-chan. Needless to say when they showed up to the front and asked Noto-san their questions, she was going “aww” and stuff.

2. There was SKILL. My soul will fly.

3. Actually a lot of relaxation and hanging out, at cost of going to stuff that people who read blogs might be interested in. I am not sure I missed out anything though. The 4chan panel sucked this year, so it seemed; people can find out about Code Geass from elsewhere anyways (lol Baldr Force). But meh.

4. 5cm. We did get to see that, and it was good. What’s bad about it? Aside from substantive criticisms Otakon did NOT get a 35mm reel for it and we had to settle with a DVD. HUUUUUUUGE difference in quality. Definitely more on 5cm and related stuff later–it’s worth a whole post.

5. There’s … some sort of an attempted flash mob at the Bandai booth? LOL Haruhi dance. I didn’t really catch it, as by the time I got there it was gone for the most part.

And this is omo, signing off, resting to the thought that I met with Jesus today!

5 Responses to “Semi-Live Otakon Blogging Day 2 – Simplicity”

  • moyism

    So which dude were you asking questions? I know a lot of the audience was able to ask 3-5 questions without any problems. Although, remembering who asked what is a whole other question ^^;;

  • omo

    I was the guy carrying his laptop in the line! I asked the smash hit question.

    Who were you? I did see someone with a moyism shirt at one point.

  • chami

    The Marimite cosplayers were so cute; don’t you have pictures, you pedo?

    Also, SKILL! I’ll post the video when I get back home.

    5cm… the last part of it was horrible. Too much of a slave to the music so it seems like the editor just took the lazy way around and went cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut.

  • moyism

    Ah, gotcha. I now know who you are Omo… mwhahaha

    Er yea I was the asian dude in the blue “church of moyism” t-shirt. Was front row center.

    I’ll agree with chami, the marimite cosplayers were very adorable. One of my friends found out for their dad that the oldest of the three made all their costumes. Props to that!

  • VManOfMana

    I am the person who asked the father of the girls about their costumes.

    The impression that I got is not so much that it was an ‘old style’ otaku bringing her girls, but rather, that the girls were dragging him into the convention.

    While in the dealer’s room after the Seki panel I managed to see the father. I asked about it and he pretty much told me that that the older girl made all three costumes. I think that is very impressive.

    During the panel, I am the one who asked her how becoming a ‘seiyuu celebrity’ has changed her life. I am sure I asked her something else later but I forgot ^^;; Anyone with a fresher memory?

    Also, Noto’s reaction with the three girls after the panel was golden… I’d say every single of Noto’s reactions were golden =)

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