Mugi-Choco’s Cream Filling

Or, No Wait, I Mean Message, Yeah That’s It.

I think I’m finally hooked on Japanese-style text-only 2ch-style Shift_JIS UI-Gothic what-the images. Damn you Saimoe, damn you to hell! It’s like 1994 all over again.

Actually, this is Barasuisho

But jokes aside, I think now it’s a good time to talk about Mugi Asai and Hitohira. It’s particularly insightful once pinned next to Manabi Straight. Because, you know, I wuuubs Manabi Straight.

To cut to the chase, Mugi Asai, the main character in Hitohira, experienced a transformation from a shy, introverted person to someone who has gotten over herself, with the help of someone else who was in her place a year before. Within the span of a school year, she bonded with this sempai and, well, drama happens. It’s a nice little piece of 12-episode anime that elaborates on Mika’s dilemma from the last 2 episodes of Manabi Straight.

But I watched Manabi Straight before Hitohira, and I suspect if you had your experience flipped chronologically, it may be just the same, with some words flipped. Which, after all, explains why Hitohira (which means petal) is the image I picked for this blog post (well–it sort of looks like 5 petals of a cherry blossom). And why it’s there to be picked as an eyecatch from the actual show, as a reasonable guess.

With her latest victory from Saimoe, it seemed that a lot of people got good vibes from her. And I can see why. Definitely a highly-recommend for those of you who can withstand high school drama in its finest amateur moment.

3 Responses to “Mugi-Choco’s Cream Filling”

  • digitalboy

    interesting, since I was about to do a post somewhat like this >_>

  • TheBigN

    I just started to watch it recently too, so that’s very nice to know. :3

    digitalboy: You can win it in a minute when you spin it spin it spin it~

  • Jesus159159159

    What a coincidence! I finished Manabi Straight yesterday! I now see why you’re so crazy about this show! *sniff* I shed a tear at the end! This has got to be one of the best anime endings EVAR! I thought it would have one of those crappy (not sure if this spoiler tag is correct, but anyways, spoilers up ahead)

    screen-turns-black-once-Mika-enters-the-plane-ending, but then there was more footage and the credits roll, and you think “ah, so that’s how its gonna end”, but then it tricks you again and shows what happened 1 year and 5 months later (I really wish they would also add 9 months or 9 days later so it can show my favorite number), and then they’re like “Cmon! LETS GO TRASH THE SCHOOL!!!” (I mean paint it with removable spray paint), and the OP song was really the end, and then you see the chalkboard and you think its gonna say something cheesy like “See ya next time!”, but it instead asks you “Do you enjoy your happy life?” and of coarse “MASUGU GO!!”, and then they walk forward to the path less taken (I think), and then it says “FIN”, and ZOMGMOGMOM!!! It really is a great show! Seeing Mika’s decision to go to America really encouraged me to not be afraid of making big decisions for my future!

    (end spoilers) I wouldn’t have noticed this anime if you hadn’t obsessed about it so much, and I mean that as a compliment! =D I hope Hitohira will end in a similar fashion!

    Oh yea, thanks for the Saimoe guild! Unfortunately, I got the dreaded error message and couldn’t vote for Mugi-Choco *sad*, but at least she won this round! Too bad shes gonna get a serious PWNAGE when shes up against Kagami!

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