Darker than Buck Naked

I highly approve the use of nudity in this episode. Why? It just goes to show how boring Misaki’s office outfit is. In fact, as long as she wears anything different–could be even a boring jeans & t-shirt combo–she looks just dazzing.

How does episode 21’s nudity shows that? I’m not sure, but it goes along the lines of “hey, I look good naked, maybe you should try something different too? You can’t go wrong!” And it seems about 4 other guys tried it, probably to good effect. Well. Maybe that’s exactly what episode 21’s nudity doesn’t show.

I don’t approve the reappearing blood elf though :/

On the other hand, the previews for episode 22 shows the world in an alternate state of affair in fashion. November wears a different color suit? Shocking!

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