DNAra +4

It deserves repeating.

A nice rap song for a nice clock show. No matter if you liked or disliked Gurren Lagann, in whole or in part, its a show that has a deep message. It inspires, but it also breaks people’s hearts. That’s the power.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been in a “fight the power” mood lately either.

But a English-language rap song for a clock show? Heck, that’s gotta do more for the English-language literacy rate for Japan than any other anime out there right now.

GG Taku Iwasaki. I hope you get my share of monies spent on this little album set. It’s big and proud but also finely sliced like gourmet sashimi. Yummie! Oh by the way I’ll promptly discard the DVD and other CD that may come with it…merf.

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