Sing for Lelangir, Help Japan, Maybe

So Lelangir has been working with some folks on a vocaloid piece. It’s all more magical and touching when he described it, but the gist is that he is submitting this vocaloid song for charity. The chartiable effort is known as #charity_song, and you can view their site (JP) here. I believe the point is to make these original vocaloid pieces, sell them for monies, and donate the proceeds. I think in the coming weeks there will be some info on that in English on #charity_song’s site.

What we can do to help is not only buy #charity_song’s first album on US iTunes store (Charity Song 404), or any of their Japanese offerings, but also record some voice clips for Lelangir to mix into his piece. You can hear a work-in-progress clip over at his post on this matter, as well as all the information I’m about to parrot now: record what you want, zip it up and toss it on to one of those file locker services like sendspace or megaupload or whatever, and email him a link. You can also just email it as an attachment. He’s looking for people who can speak all sort of stuff, in all sorts of language, I hope you get what he’s going for. [He has stopped taking submissions!]

I’ve done my little line or two, and it may seem kind of weird at first, so here are some probably unnecessary pointers (seriously, how can you screw this up): Figure out what you want to say before hand. What works best are short sentences or phrases. Say it a few times and see if you like the sound of it, record it a few times to see if it comes out right. I used Audacity, but anything that can record and save would probably work. If you have nothing to say, you could just come up with simple things like “doooo your bestttt” or whatever, and it can be in different languages as well. Also, you can submit as many clips as you want, I don’t think it’s a problem as long as you don’t make way too many so it’s logistically difficult to handle. If you want to farm some smart thing to say, twitter tags about Japan’s ordeal is one place to look. Speeches given by people about the topic is another.

Personally, I hope #charity_song would get on the US Amazon music store as well. I’m not a iTunes person and it’s annoying to get around the geoblock for those stores.

[Update] This past weekend #charity_song launched its English-language site, so now you know what’s going on.

[Update #2] Lelangir stopped taking submissions. You can see the final work on Nico here (registration required).

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