You Know You’re [Insert Age Group Descriptor] When…

…seiyuu around your age are tying the knot. First it was Maaya now RieRie? Actually that one isn’t so surprising; if anything I expected it to happen earlier. The exceptions like Michiko Neya are, well, exceptions. But who will rise to be the next cool single seiyuu Onee-san? More amusingly, where’s those pictures of torn copies of her photobooks? Or will I be able to find them in Book-off now? Joking aside, I don’t really want to see the depth of Rie Tanaka fandom surfacing; it’s probably safe to say that once she gets to be as old as she is, getting married is a good thing. I don’t think far majority of us really mind that.

Now some of us might be scratch our heads about something else. Actually this post is more like, my reaction-face equivalent. Yea, Kouichi Yamadera is pretty smooth but wow. Who saw this coming? I don’t even mind the 17-yo gap between the two but it’s definitely quite amusing and that makes a couple that seems just a tad unlikely in the beginning. I hope Yama-chan is good at Monster Hunter. At any rate, they have my best wishes.

If I have another chance to give her flowers, I still would. Just different kinds of flowers!

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