Nodoka’s Unfeeling, Fleeting Dream

It all started with this tweet. What Kurogane said wasn’t important, but it highlighted a scene in Saki Achiga-hen episode 10 that had several interpretations. It looks like this:

Near the start of the episode we visited Nodoka, who is in a dream. She realizes that she is in a dream; and she sees her Achiga friends, but looking like how they were when she left them for Kiyosumi.

The joke gets a little clearer when later in the episode, Toki goes into a flashback about her “see a turn ahead” power and how she fainted trying to stretch it into “see two turns ahead.” When she wakes up, she wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, so she reached and grabbed Ryuuka.

That just seemed odd, but now, I GET IT GUYS.

I also realized why it didn’t hit me the first time I saw it: during Nodoka’s dream sequence she actually rationalizes it out verbally as to what is actually odd in her dream. And naturally I wrote away the fact (or was I rather distracted?) that her “downward view”/grab is just, well, fanservice. Or rather I should say, what makes Nodoka who she is.

For more insightful connecting-the-dots from Saki Achiga-hen, check out Yaranakya’s analysis.

7 Responses to “Nodoka’s Unfeeling, Fleeting Dream”

  • Fencedude

    I think you might need to walk me through it a bit more specifically.

    • omo

      I think the main thing to spell out is a matter of heft. Typically in a dream, you do not feel the sense of physical resistance as a sensation of touch. Both Nodoka and Toki grab from below, which may explain some things. I think in Nodoka’s case there might even be something to be said of the way she makes herself comfortable using Etopen.

    • Fencedude

      Ok,that makes sense.

      As for…”support”, its well established that Nodoka does not wear a bra (or panties, for that matter), so Etopen probably does provide a quite needed service.

    • omo

      that explains all the more why she went straight there during a dream.

  • Cytrus

    Ha ha. I saw this discussed on a Japanese forum, too xD. This might by anime original material – as far as I remember the manga, Toki confirms Ryuuka’s identity by the sight of her bust but without confirming things physically :).

    Thanks for the mention, too :0!

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