A Sister Inside: Ranking at 9

It is a ranking of characters from Nakaimo / Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru / WHO IS IMOUTO. MAL has a picture index to help.

  1. Mr. X: Every line out of her mouth is gold, and it’s not just over-the-top ludicrous gold, but sagely advices that I will not take with a straight face.
  2. Kurumi Kashiki: Even if she’s a 3-liner, there’s this earnest campy/healthy vibe to her that I really enjoy. The straightfaced service lines round out a wholly appropriate character in an inappropriate anime (to say the least).
  3. Choux Creme: Beside her profiterole, Tsuruma is the funniest to make fun of. If there’s a real knock against her, it would be how dark the area under her skirt is.
  4. Miyabi: Perfect combination with Choux Creme.
  5. Kotori-sensei: Kind of like Kashiki, but cheekier and even more wholesome. Loli factor is played for shock, and isn’t, at the same time.
  6. Mei: I like her enterprising spirit and the degree of her cunning, but she is a non-factor in the end.
  7. Seri-san: Ayako Doctrine. And she’s hiding something.
  8. Yuzurina: I’m immune to the Ogura. Sort of.
  9. VP Rinka: She’s attractive when she wants to be, but otherwise a little boring.
  10. Araya: Laugh some more, Norse Code Laughter
  11. President Mana: Crazy and a little ditzy but not enough development!
  12. Kanako Mikadono: Hisakawa Aya character eeeeeh
  13. Shiga: Hey it’s MAKO.

I expect this list to change compared to at end of series. Because Kurumi Kashinoki Can’t Be My #2 Imouto Character.

This show is so outrageously scripted, it gives all other comedies this season a good run for their money. And we’re talking about a strong season with Joshiraku and Jintai in it.

4 Responses to “A Sister Inside: Ranking at 9”

  • SmithCB

    The answer as who is Imouto is obvious, I think. Rinka’s eyebrows are the closest of the girls to match those of our protagonist. Ergo, they are related. It’s kinda like a visual DNA test. Logical, eh??? Plus she’s is, indeed, being underplayed. We’ll see if this is because things catch up later when she is revealed.

  • Fencedude

    Kurumi is clearly BEST GIRL by a huge margin. She’s fantastic in every moment of her unfortunately all too brief DEBAN.

    I by and large agree with your ranking, though Yuzurina would need to go up after CREAM PUFFS but before Miyabi

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