New York Comic Con 2012: Day 0, 1

I blame XCOM–I’ll be blaming it all week long at least. I also blame my good fortunes for scoring a pair of tickets.

As per usual, I speed-browsed through NYCC on day 0, because there aren’t hallways full of people, just a reasonable amount of people. Just to bullet:

  • Really dig the GSC booth. They brought their “game” and the nendo hall of fame is quite the display. Also, the orange tote bags are tops. Took my money. Possibly my favorite booth at the con. Picked up Cheerful Rin/Saber combo, because that was the one that tempted me the most in the first go around. And hey, it’s for charity. Prices are reasonable.
  • I had the most fun chilling at Mangagamer’s booth. Go see them and don’t be afraid of all the porn. They’re nice folks, I think.
  • I think Bamco’s retro arcade is really neat, wish I could spend the time there and do stuff.
  • I really need to stake out what Sega is up to. Maybe Day 2.
  • Oh, those Queen’s Blade books are gorgeous, like those Sakuran volumes. I held back on buying Genshiken reboot #1 (next to Vertical is the Kodansha table, natch) because, well, there’s Amazon for that. The feeling of hard cover front-to-back full of 2D boobies, however, is something to behold in person that you don’t quite get from browsing online.
  • Bkub watch: I did not catch him today, but I saw a couple other duders Ryu Moto brought with him, and Ryu Moto himself. There are a couple of them with styles closer to bkub so I don’t know. Got a commission going. Will try to get more tomorrow, I enjoy this stuff.
  • Yuu Asakawa has a fancy dress, and, yeah, I guess that’s just how it goes. Would’ve brought her a present if I had my wits about me last night. Or any time this past week. Thanks XCOM.
  • Perhaps best for last: Ed over at Vertical wants you guys to go see Moyoco Anno. Especially her autograph session. Yeah you might have to wake up in 3 hours in order to line up to get them at NYCC Saturday morning, but fear not: go ask Ed at his booth and he can give you deets. Basically, let’s just say that Moyoco Anno will help you out if you really want it, and you can make it on time.

Was able to finally see/meet a bunch of people from Twitter. Hopefully more tomorrow.

I’m feeling really sorry for skipping out on a bunch of work related stuff, because of dayjob. And the game. And XCOM. Blame XCOM.

Food watch:

  • Tried the 5.50 Go Go Curry on Friday, it was packed, so we skipped to Bonchon instead.
  • Didn’t eat much at the stadium, but checked out some upstairs bar and the food was pretty delish, basic stuff and offering. The more authentic things they didn’t quite do well, but for a ktown hybrid lounge place, you can do much worse.

7 Responses to “New York Comic Con 2012: Day 0, 1”

  • yuyukos

    The autograph ticket lines practically filled immediately after they started letting people into the queue hall. I got to the Javits Center at 5:30 AM and the people at the front of the line outside told me they had been waiting since 2 or 3 AM (for comparison, I would wager there were about 30 to 40 people in front of me at that point). The allotted tickets for Yoshitaka Amano went the fastest but I think a lot of people who got their tickets didn’t actually go because his signing was the latest at 6-7 PM. Several people who were milling about outside his room without tickets were able to get autographs and/or sketches, including myself.

    GSC’s presence was a pleasant surprise and their booth was certainly impressive. I managed to make it away without spending anything there today due to budgeting, but Sunday will probably be a different story if they have anything left.

  • TheBigN

    Hopefully there’s more success this time around on the bkub watch. Why is Ryu Moto so popular again? I think I forgot.

    Glad to see you’re having fun though. :3

    • omo

      He isn’t, but he does a lot of marketing stuff on his own. I remember talking to him about this a long time ago (2008?) and he’s basically just another illustrator trying to make it! He does know people and he helps them out and connect the dots, so to speak. I’m thinking bkub is very much a beneficiary of that network.

      And I always have fun. ;)

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