Oreshura, Colors

There are a few notable OP/EDs this past season but my favorite is probably Oreshura OP. If we put aside the hit-and-miss seiyuu ensemble music aside, that show has the exact kind of color design and set of cuts to leverage it. It is remarkably similar to another OP that had solid color design and matching direction, from not too long ago.

The coloring and post-processing sometimes clue you in about  the production. It’s like Shingeki no Kyoujin’s shiny (and somehow invariably Korean) look.

In Oreshura, the characters are the life of the show;  they’re also split into quadrants, seasons, across a spectrum, whatever. So it is a natural palette. I guess by characters I’m including the sad protagonist in this case; he has this chuunibyou streak to it that makes a sort of uncanny idealism fitting. In a weird way, the club these folks make for themselves, about exploring how to become a proper lady, is almost as apt in terms of an exploration as to how to become a man.


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