Intermission: The Value Add of Legal Streaming

Rui Ninomiya

Support the industry blah blah blah. No, I don’t really care about that per se. Here’s something I care more deeply. To quote a blog post I wrote about why it’s cool to see CR take off versus the wild west of illegal fansub-on-stream sites:

It restores the relationship between consumer and content producers. Rather calling them criminal, call them for who they are–fans. Sometimes hardcore fans. Sometimes they might still just be criminals, because there are sure a lot of people who are just doing it for whatever, not because they are all that invested in the content being pirated. Instead getting tripped up by that, it’s just better to figure out how to eek out something positive from the situation. It’s okay, for example, to talk about watching legal streaming anime in front of industry reps or in fan forums because it’s legal. ANN can do their reviews without coming off as endorsing fansubs. What have you. Legal streaming sites provides marketing data as well, although arguably similar data is available even without legal streaming sites. Legal streaming is also a form of marketing, rather leaving it to free fansub files floating on the internet, streaming efforts makes coordinating these kind of marketing possible.

Too bad the rest of that unpublished blog post will never see the light of day. Cool is being able to see the autograph of seiyuu in, say, this contest. Because like, it’s got Maaya Uchida or whoever.

PS. That ending is so Nakamura.

PPS. Here’s a 3o-second tumblr-style parody concept: Gatchaman Crowds removes agency from women completely by making the prettiest one a man.

PPPS. Intermission because I’m busy, damn it.

2 Responses to “Intermission: The Value Add of Legal Streaming”

  • jpmeyer

    You jest (since after all, Hajimessu was shown as able to repeatedly put boots on the ground in order to Get Shit Done), but that PPS was seriously the reason why I didn’t like Kuragehime.

    • omo

      You say “boots on the ground in order to Get Shit Done” and I say “cleaning up after the mess of the men of her life.”

      And yes, I do jest.

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