Anime Expo 2014: Oh Mai Gad Not Disu…

I think the smart thing to do for me is to quit AX. I had to pull some magic out of my butts and owe coworkers favor. Anyone looking for a job in NYC? We are hiring.

That said I guess I am going to AX anyway. I will probably fly out tomorrow but if things don’t pan out the way I wanted it might mean flying out the day after. I don’t know. Yeah, that kind of a situation. Nonetheless, I’ve got AX kind of set up already. Here are things to watch for.

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Before I forget, guidebook, guidebook, guidebook.

Angela & King Records. At previous cons when the two attended they set up shop at the booth doing autographs for people who bought their stuff. I don’t really think they’ll receive a super-warm welcome in SoCal but maybe the fans will prove me wrong. At any rate this means you can hit up one of their autograph sessions at the booth easily just by buying their oversea-only compilation CD (or any of the other neat merch. I recommend the BEAM shirt if you can fit it). Details on all that, and their K event, here, here, here, here. Oh, I guess the autograph sessions are at Kinokuniya’s booth.

Did I mention the official con autograph area is in the game/cosplay room this year? Exhibit hall will be wall-to-wall dealers.

Sekai Project…these guys are another outfit/startup trying to localize JP indie crap. By indie I mean doujinshi-ya in the form of games and books and what not, and by that I mean they sit kind in between MangaGamers and the more game-y outfits. And also since I’ve hung out with one of the two founders on a bunch of time now it’ll be fun seeing them trying to pull this legit-ly. They have a booth in the morass of the exhibit hall and I’m highlighting it because Luna, the Japanese illustrator/mangaka, is taking commissions. And doing autographs, if you want to pick up their kickstarted doujinshi on headphones. Details here. They’re also going to sell those kickstart-only scrolls at AX.

FUNI will be doing a Zankyou no Terror premiere.

Aniplex will be doing a big one for SAO2, but also something for Adonah Zero along with Butch.

Project H has some H matsuri at AX and…well, probably nothing that remarkable but something to think about.

JAST, MangaGamer, and Sekai Project all should have cool announcements. Especially that third group.

There’s an announce for a license at AX that will lead to some guests (dub actors) at Otakon. I guess we’ll find out this week.

Aniplex: Here is their page of goods stuffs. Should be pretty exciting, all around.

FUNI: This stuff. A step down from usual, because this is what they do for the usual cons. AX typically gets something a tad nicer.

NISA: Nothing special going on, their usual PR guy left the company about a month ago and you can totally see how it kinda collapsed. Actually it’s not that bad but HR transition is something I am all too used to pyohohoho orz. They owe their fanbase an AX update, which is probably due out today if God willing. From the other licenses you can kind of figure out what you can get, and it’s not like the drill hasn’t been “go to booth to ask first thing” anyway.

MangaGamers: Haven’t heard anything other than they have announcements lined up. Not sure what they’re doing special at the booths.

JAST: Likewise…

Fakku’s big announce with going legit is going to be a lingering question, which their panels Saturday may help answer?

In other 18+ news, there’s going to be a lewd figure panel co-hosted by Mamitan (Francis) and Mikatan, who now works for Native (!!). Must attend, if just to see Mikatan in person.

Kyoto Animation will be a presence at AX, they will screen the first two episodes of Free season 2, which means you get to see episode 2 before Japan. Cool huh? There’ll be Q&A afterwards. There’s also a booth, seems like the one ex-Kyoani intern from US will be helping out there. No goods though.

(Wait, Yamakan is at AX too huh!)

Mirai ni Neiro will bring their usual lineup of Ps. Details here. Wataame, Kagome P (woot), UtataP (!), Sunzriver, buzzG. Also that Mikumentary Documentary person.

On that note, while there is no Meet the Guest scheduled for 2014 (boo) Nihongo de OK is still on. Details here.

Crunchyroll is solid on my radar now since WUGcen. They’re doing this a bit niconico style which is not the worst thing. Details on this updated forum thread (that’s a tad ghetto but I can deal). Key takeaway so far is that JP Jojo producers will be on site to take questions at the Jojo dub screening, and Aoi Eir is showing up on the live stream on Day 1 2:30 Pacific. Actually there’s even going to be a giveaway there (and online) so worth checking out. Their physical store at the con will also have limited items for sale (that Kurisu for $75 is not bad). Oh, I guess there’s that Love Live thing. Hahahahaha.

Anyways, IM@S Panel is right after the KLK event on Friday. I’ll be there because the guys running it are uhhh organizers of some notorious oversea Ps. Especially the main guy. Bring your KBs (from the KLK event w). There’ll be a cosplay gathering for IM@S at the Bamco booth, which is at the far corner towards main event, inside the exhibit hall. Tentatively Saturday afternoon?

Not sure if they need more endorsement but go to Sushio and Nakashima’s panel. It’ll be a great time. I’m going to make time for Ninja Slayers panel for sure.

Giovanni’s Island…I want to go but it won’t fit anywhere.

21+ Lounge has some idoling events, but also these guys LOL. Details here. I might show up, who knows.

…and that’s it! This post may update over time.

PS. Side note but Otakon will do their music guest announces next week right after AX. Starting with a guess-the-guest probably.

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