Anime Expo 2014: Days 0-3

Ami & Yuzunee

This AX I’m just going to ignore the fact it’s disappointingly thin guest-wise with the fact that it really actually is packed full of people from Japan who are interesting to see in person. It’s like seeing Mikatan in person along with the president of uhh Native, and seeing them asking a fellow P which boob size he prefers. That guy happened to be an Amimami P so you can figure that out from there.

There are other things like this. Hiro Takeuchi is with Yamakan again and Yamakan’s panel is actually just a WUG panel. Which makes sense, he’s sold out to the IP. It’s like seeing yourself in the videos Hiro took during the Acen concert as they play snips of it for the panel.

We had a P dinner with Luna Tsukigami and he’s a pretty cool Miki P with the stuff to back it up. We had also a Miki cosplayer doing some major assists.

Traveling to AX this year is new because somehow I got in a rental car. Day 0 was kind of impromptu because we hung out with new guys this time around and it’s delicious as usual. Food-wise there was a dimsum meal snuck in there and it was great.

I thought I did a balance of hanging out in groups, in small groups or large, by myself, and doing press. I kind of wished I did more press but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Of all the premieres at AX, I was looking forward the most to Ninja Slayer. But that clashed with the focus panel with Yuzu-nee and Amisuke. Originally I was going to sneak out half way from the seiyuu panel and go to NS, but Yuzu-nee/Amisuke’s panel was way more awesome than it had any rights to be and I forgot about Ninja Slayer. If you saw Amisuke’s Tokyo Encounter episode, it’s kind of like that except Yuzu-nee and Amisuke are both high tension boke-types, and there’s no Sugita to bring them down. Safe to say it’s up there in terms of seiyuu panel quality.

We did talk to a guy who attended Ninja Slayer panel and it sounded just like any other Wakabayashi-level panel. Yeah, he was here to present it. I scored a throwaway poster and well, it’ll be in the loot shot if I can put it in my luggage.

If I had to score my AX in terms of what I accomplished, in the category of the Exhibit Hall, I totally failed. Saturday was my first day where I had time to actually roam the room, but it’s mad packed and felt like hellish. I just went from event to event. Like, there was a IM@S and Love Live battle event at the Daisuki booth which was luls. I should’ve cosplayed Kuniyoshi if I knew it was happening.

I probably didn’t score very high on autographs too. Missed Butch, only got Trigger once. Did score the big one with Yuzu-nee and Amisuke though. Yamakan…well. I got a Miyu sticker out of it? Bonus would be seeing Uki Satake and getting an autographed board from Minami prez.

Well, I’ll take a break and think about it some more for the wrap.

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