DereSute Week 9: Blue Whales Nation


With the lessons learned from Atapon, migrant mammals balloon final scores for the next event, Nation Blue.

This time I was inspired enough to do a quick and dirty spreadsheet on the max event score for someone playing the event leveraging all naturally-gained stamina only, with minimal waste. No stamina drinks or jewels are taken into account. The estimated max score is about 20000.

The main difference between NB and Atapon is first, the experience. Atapon was the first event and people were definitely apprehensive, but with NB the score jumped and exceeded the average Atapon score by the same time elapsed after the halfway point. People definitely waited for the 4x multiplier but in general did not really score a lot more. More, but not a lot more, means just better efficiency or more competition. Nana or Kaede? I don’t know.

The other difference between NB and atapon, is that Atapon ran about 2 whole days longer. Atapon ended just over 25000 which is within the natural gain range, but NB is well over 21000 (results out in another few hours, by midday 10/28 Japan time), which is definitely in jewel-spending range.

This particular whale wannabe only spent 600 jewels, which is less than what I spent to get a SSR Minami. It is also more than I wanted because 100 of it went to not sucking at Nation Blue. I actually didn’t fail Nation Blue until later on in the event. Once because I derped, twice because I derped on a 4x. I had a long streak of S-ranking from my first playthrough until that first derp, which made no sense to me. I guess NB is harder of a grind than Atapon, and as a chart I also didn’t like it as much, even if it might not have been that much harder.

I also have no more room in my inventory because I decided to just keep all the SR repeats I got, except I ended up experimenting on a few of the Vampire Syoko I had to see what happened when I lessoned them. Oh well.

My final score (with 1 Neirose left) is somewhere north of 23000 so I’m a lock for 100k by all indication. Thanks for making the event manageable, Bamco. Real Blue Whales, however, went bonkers for NB and you can see it in the chart at top comparing Atapon scores to NB scores on the same time elapsed scale.

Good luck everybody!

Personally I didn’t like this event much, because it is short and if you didn’t give up a good chunk of time to grind, you’re out of luck. The shorter the event period the more likely you’ll be busy through it the whole time. At the same time the rewards isn’t all that. I guess unless you are a KaedeP it doesn’t pay to play hard if it translates to paying for 10-roll for ranking into even the 20k tier. The whale aspect is worse than Atapon so the shorter time might have curbed some of that, but I can’t see it ease much.

On the other hand I am all ready for the eventual OraSapp event! I missed out on SSR Airi but I have most other passion cards… Plus it’s a hype song too.

PS. Thanks @southrop for the chart.

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