This comes as shock but also as a great loss to fans and everyone in the industry, with Miyu Matsuki’s passing. At 38 this is just way too young for anyone to bid life farewell. She was in the prime of her career, with many recurring roles in popular franchises. She’s got her own seiyuu show. She was part of a family, so to speak, of her frequent co-workers and a steady base of fans. She was in the middle of some context that was precious.

MAL’s obit is pretty good, take a look.

Seeing the news unfold on JP twitter was sad and really heady to tackle. Various industry folks chimed in their well-wishes and said their farewell. What was the most remarkable I thought was how Ayana Taketatsu handled the news. She learned it along with the rest of us, which is much later than her Tamayura co-hosts. She said, maybe that allowed her to perform happily at the Tamayura Day event this weekend.

Matsuki was a Hiroshima native, so her passing on 10/27 really put a damper on Tamayura Day… Damn that bacterial infection. Reading all these sappy tweets didn’t help. Thanks, Sayanee…

Personally, this was rough. I always took a liking to her strangely B-rate style of entertainment personality. She played a role in some shows that I feel close to me, like Hidamari Sketch and Tamayura. I guess come to think of it, at least I got to see her in person back in 2013. The getting-married jokes were dearly and charming, in the best sense that you could take joking self-depreciation. It was hard to say she was one of my favorites, but I definitely had a soft spot for this seiyuu’s performance. I mean especially just as she turned in a champion’s work in Shimoseka…

I can only pass on my best wishes to her friends and family, all her fans, and the works she graced (best of luck getting replacements!). I’ll miss her dearly.

PS, Seiyuu otaku cum illustrator Zpolice turned this one in and I just can’t…

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