Omonomono Newsletter, Apr. 12 Update

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Talking about Gundam and Macross in 2021 feels quaint, but such is the world we live in.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-04-12

This Past Week

On April 8 (or 9 in Asia), hell froze over. Or at least, anime hell. The agreement and settling of terms between Harmony Gold and BigWest means that finally, international release of Macross properties will be allowed, limited to all the character and branding outside the original Macross/Robotech line. Essentially those shows are freed of the threat of lawsuits from HG and the two buried the hatchet, without modifying existing licensing terms of the already-licensed properties. If the recent industry reports means anything, that’s 30-40% more revenue for those Macross titles! If I was Kawamori I’d be pretty happy about that.

Not to be outdone, reports have it that Netflix will produce an exclusive Gundam live action film with Legendary Entertainment and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The director has a history of creating video game type content, as well as films like Kong: Skull Island. I guess it could be worse.

More like this week (also) but Manga Entertainment is being rebranded. Good riddance? LOL.

Oh, Tubi gets some nice anime films.

There’s a Penguindrum thing.

Get well soon(er) Kusomegane.

On the Mind

There’s a collab event in Deresute with Zombieland Saga. Zombieland Saga has a seiyuu idol unit which is wild that now we have anime idols collaborating with anime idols. I suppose when Deresute collaborated with Princess Connect Re:Dive earlier, there was already idol collaborating with the 3 idols in the game? But not like this. It’s not Cygames eating their own dog food, well, sort of.

Someone, please, write for CR.

Buy Demon Slayers tickets, because why not, maybe you’re vaccinated.

I still struggle logging into Shiny Colors every day to get the free rolls, and still have not had the time to check out the two SHHis. Big time orz. Meanwhile, there’s this stream.


This Friday is the Tadokoro MAL thing. The concert was a week ago.

Re:Stage live shows is this coming weekend. Saturday is Hortensia and KiRaRe, and Sunday is Tetrarkhia, Trois Anges and Stellamaris. I really like some of the music (and performers) in this series so I will probably check out the archive.

Equally (if not more) impressive is the anime Hibike Euphonium live concert this weekend. By all means it looks great. The singers and cast members are going to be there. The archive lasts until May!

If you dig tokusatsu, there’s a charity live this weekend.

Personal Note

With MLB in gear and some family situation my free time has dwindled greatly. Hopefully I can continue to churn these out. There’s a new anime season going on I hear?

So far of the first episodes I sampled, That 86 anime seems to resonate the most despite its shelf-bought porcelain heroine? A lot of stuff on the usual sampler radar for the next few weeks and I haven’t even gotten to all of them.

Long Reads

Three this week?

Media literacy has always been important and it is even more important today. This is kind of the side of it that I don’t talk about, because it’s like Sesame Street for people who already know the stuff, yet it’s no less important.

Yurucamp VR may be a thing but they don’t beat photographs just yet.

This week’s two New Young TV has a follow up. It’s good seiyuu content.

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