Omonomono Newsletter, May 3 Update

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Are all these randomly English-translated videos a Cool Japan thing?

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-05-03

This Past Week

Crunchyroll turns 10.

Kodansha buys out JNC.

Netflix Vtuber N-ko is a multilingual anime employee. Ganba. I don’t really get Netflix’s approach to anime (OK I can hazard a guess maybe) but they did went out of the way and grabbed Househusband and the best anime this year, Pui Pui Molecar.

Wait a week and the Demon Slayer will slay the demons (at the box office, and weird metric for number ones).

Congrats Reichama! Rei Matsuzaki is now with child, which could explain why auntie Hanshin (Yui Watanabe) hasn’t been streaming with Rei (and her husband) lately.

On the Mind

Useful for some eventers?

HaruTen and Kentucky Derby? Surprise winners all around.

More. Horses. Not exactly horses, but.

A lot of stuff going on during Golden Week, but also not–people are on vacation and playing games. I don’t know what that means for someone out here on the other side of the planet. Less events, more chill I guess.

I caught up on Odd Taxi, and it was…nice. In a way that not watching season 2 of Beastars is like. I really should, on that note. Probably will stick with it.

This season has some interesting stuff, but none are super compelling to me. Any recs?


KUROCONNNN. Also IdolCon? Also Fanime? Also CPAC last weekend?

What is this?

Ever since 2020 I have been waiting to make this joke where you combine vaccination with this seiyuu porgramming brand. Yes, you don’t actually get the vacc at Second Shot Girls Party 2021. What a wasted opportunity. That said the guests are interesting so I might try to watch it.

Remember Faylan?

The biggest even this weekend for anime nerds probably are the Nijigasaki 3rd live shows?

Personal Note

Kurocon announced a guest so that stuff is happening. Work and family continues to pummel while I try to race horses on the side. It’s tough being a trainer and I really should cut one of the 4 mobile games I’m still playing somewhat seriously. Pricone EN probably makes the most sense, because I just don’t have the time to enjoy the localization (such as read all the stories). But I also want to read the stories lol. More over Priconne is not that time consuming, and it’s just going to get easier over time.

I should just take some PTO.

Long Reads

Just to highlight Netflix a bit, they are doing things like this. More is always good, especially beyond the usual seasonal splash.

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