Omonomono Newsletter, May 10 Update

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How was the Nijigasaki event? I slept.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-05-10(?)

This Past Week

This is Gucci. Bananas.

Some industry stuff. Like some firm estimated the shrinkage on entertainment segments of various economies. Meanwhile Demon Slayer film continues to beat records in 2020 due to the pandemic. Other films, not so much as delays hit the Sidonia movie.

New season of Nijigasaki anime announced for 2022.

Crowdfunding your way into adaptations of critically acclaimed manga.

Something about following seiyuu, who mostly promote their works on SNS, makes it weird that I found out about the new Overlord anime from following Yumi Hara. But yes, a new film and new TV season is always good. From the first batch of Kadokowa isekai radobe hits I always connected with this one the most, although story-wise it has degenerated like the rest of them at this point. Maybe it can complete the full pivot into absurdist dark comedy (who am I kidding).

SpaceX should hire this guy to do their designs, just saying.

IDOLM@STER Million Live seiyuu Megumi Toda, who also voiced the genki one from New Game, seems to have a lower back issue which pulled her out of the lineup from Million’s next big live show. It’s still called Million Live 7th Live Q@MP FLYER!!! but with a new title: Reburn. Its logo also burns blue, because burning blue, I guess, as the joke goes. Get well soon Todakun!

Last but not least, Japan has extended its COVID-19 State of Emergency until the end of the month. This means some more cancelled events and postponed events, some becoming online only, and some not affected at all. Well, some are also just in limbo now, such as Shiny 3rd tour Fukuoka. It has not affected Million 7th, because the SOE only applies to some prefectures–Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Aichi and Fukuoka. There’s some consolation when Q@MP FLYER is at FujiQ, I guess, but it makes you think if it’s really a good idea.

On the Mind

I just watched the 4th episode of Thunderbolt Fantasy S3 before sending this post out the door and, did the general guy apologizes for Shāng because they are fellow countrymen? So Singaporean! They were even fighting just earlier in the episode. And yes, this is an inside joke.

I find the childhood love interest winning anime a little too…low tier? I don’t know how to explain it but there is a rawness to the show that does not serve to further the purpose of its thematic notion. Instead it’s like, WWE, but trashy anime characters. It isn’t to say you can’t have trashy characters in anime or anything, but I feel there’s more of a mismatch in Osamake than, say, Vivy.

Wish I can take some time off to catch up on some of the other stuff.


With the SOE going on, all of this is subject to change. And it has already changed some.

Granrodeo has a show this weekend.

Afilia Saga anyone?

For people who follow Shinymas seiyuu. Wakasama’s shows are now audience-free but nonetheless streaming.

Man of a Mission’s Sapporo show this weekend.

Really, just another weekend where I can actually get sleep and plan for ML 7th.

Personal Note

My free time lately has been spent mostly with some rare family visits. It felt nice because, well, COVID lockdowns for the past however long, but also just trying to decompress. As a result there hasn’t been much time spent on anime. I guess we did talk about anime with my relatives since it’s kind of relevant in pop culture, no thanks to Demon Slayer and other tidbits. One of my siblings likes Jujutsu Kaisen after I introduced it to them. Which is to say I also want to watch more of that… The other one is the middle of finishing Kuroba….which is okay, I guess, except it’s my pet peeve sort of sports anime.

What else time I can leisurely spend, I put it into horse racing, of course. I guess I should raise some B rank horses? And there’s some con that I ought to be helping to run…

Long Reads

New KLab music game is based on acapella music. Check out this explainer on aoppella!?.

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