Omonomono Newsletter, May 19 Update

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Did you know ANN has also a newsletter now? Welcome to 2019. Also more embeds this time than usual.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-05-19(?)

Did you know Jun Maeda wrote a song for Cinderella Girls? And it’s for Chitose? So … rich. It’s also out now. If I sent this letter on Monday it wouldn’t have been…

This Past Week

Covid sure is still a thing in Japan. More seiyuu fall to it. Also as Covid gets serious in Taiwan, Million Live 7th Reburn has cancelled the TW theatrical live viewings and a bunch of the local ones. They’ve also done away with the charter buses for the live in Japan. Well, it’s real-time streaming now so maybe that’s fine.

I guess maybe I should shell out for a copy of PUI PUI Molcar.

Like other movies during this COVID times, more delays with Revue Starlight anime.

Umamusume hit 7 million downloads and was the third highest grossing mobile game in April. Considering that #1 is Honor of Kings which is like, 98% Chinese revenue, maybe it’s not surprising to see Uma at third place given its Japan-only release (effectively 100% JP revenue for metric purposes). Well, that’s pretty insane with all said. Considering how many players Genshin Impact still has, for example, and that was 6th place.

Mocho got a new single!

Nice Nature gets comfy retirement. Whoever wrote that article…must play the game?

Some Crunchyroll titles are expiring later this month. Some are classics like ROD and Samurai Flamenco. Some are popular hits like Wagnaria series and Durarara series. Then there’s the otaku favs like Classroom Crisis, Vividred Operation and High School Fleet (Damn). There are some more orthogonal shows like Silver Spoon or Occult Academy. And then there are trash “masterpieces” like Zvezda Plot and Day Break Illusion. And actually that’s it, other than the two Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai shows. (Which I also have watched…damn I watched almost everything on this list).

On a more sober note, mangaka Kentaro Miura has passed away, as news broke earlier on 5/19 of his passing earlier in May. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, and his extended family of coworkers and fans. Will be pouring one out for someone who was an inspirational creator (I did have a Berserk phase?) and then a fellow P.

Kakushigoto teases its film, with also a passing individual in it.

Continuing the sad news train, Mushoku Tensei second cour is delayed by 3 months, so it won’t air until October.

On the Mind

Nijisanji EN comes out swinging and has at least one home run.

People don’t want live action remakes of anime. Which is just to say, to hell with popular opinion, we got crowdfunding. (And why won’t Netflix listen?)

I guess it’s news, but my news section this time is way too sad so I’ll put it here: Yui Aragaki (Gakky) and Gen Hoshino are going to get married, as news broke from their respective agencies. Japan twitter has the funniest reactions from this. One diet member has previously joked about preventing Gakky from getting married. (And, there was this.) And you have some confused people. Then you have this guy who runs a subcontractor for AWS customer service with employees getting dispirited lmao. And of course that’s not the only one. I mean there’s this guy who wrote a love poem for Gakky every day for the past 13 years. And of course, Satomi Akesaka.


It’s going to be Friday in Japan pretty soon, so let’s get on with this week’s load. Remember, Covid emergency is still in play and more prefectures are now included, which means some things are subject to change.

Big one for me is Million 7th Reburn, now that it has a live stream. Probably will try watching with a friend for once. There are 2 post-shows and a pre-show from the APs as usual. And the usual P-card exchange.

Halko Momoi on Friday.

Dialogue+ has a show on Friday. Cheap for the performance side!

I don’t rep these (even with Takagi-chan) but this one is curious: D4DJ DJ Time with Kotori Koiwai and Momoyo Koyama? She’s not even in the show lol (yet).

Is RAS tour still on? I guess so. First stop this weekend.

Personal Note

Not related to anything other than, perhaps, good eats, here’s a link to some mail order BBQ. Included in this letter just because it seems good enough to share. I haven’t had any but let me know if you have any opinions on these.

Any car folks? What do you make of this? EV Pickup Truck is the new frontier and I think the new F-150 ticks a lot of boxes, except the price. It makes some sense once you include the US Federal incentive but there isn’t enough hard data to justify that XLT tier pricing, which seems to be the real floor for first round preorders. Details TBD in the Fall I guess. This is probably not going to be my next car, but I might facilitate the purchase of one for my dad…

Long Reads

Interesting interview, although short. This guy does All The Anime in the UK.

Random: What you might not know about Poison Ivy. I found some in the yard last week and nipped them in the bud, so to speak.

Lastly, Kurocon guest Azuki Shibuya (Zucchan) answers hard questions.

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