Omonomono Newsletter, June 1 Update

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Taking some breaks in between things. Or in other words, I stayed up all weekend so I can sleep during the work week?

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-06-01(?)

Just going to get down to business folks. I also found out that the last newsletter omitted some articles which I will now include. So, so late.

This Past Week

THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls announced their 10th anniversary celebration in a special live stream and mini-performance. The 10th tour will have 4 stops, including one in Okinawa. That’s rad. Let me in already, Japan.

In “Let me in already, Japan” news, last week Japan has approved Moderna and AstraZenica vaccines and the pace of vaccination is improving, with various government folks trying to bringing in the start dates for different population segments.

Demon Slayer movie still does well, but does as much as we’d expect.

Anime movies anybody? Episode of Roselia 1 is out.

Life of a newbie animator is rough.

Kemono Friends Pavillion bites the dust.

I’ve been to Okayama once, when I was solo backpacking around Hiroshima. I spent a few hours there while waiting for a train connection, and had somethings to eat. Does that count? Anyways, this is an interesting announcement.

Old news for reals, but this is kind of a big deal. I mean, yeah, I think it is. I have some anime that won’t be able to go on eBay and it’s not even because they are ero. Like, say, Qwaser lol. Does Enako’s new book count?

Am I M enough to enjoy this, I’m not sure.

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo announces a bunch of things. August 5-7.

Seiyuu Yui Ishikawa ties knot and announces on her birthday. Congratulations and hapiba Yuishi!

Stupid takes on Demon Slayer manga in circulation is for virgins. Jujutsu Kaisen selling 50M is for chads.

You know what else is stupid? Comparing Umabako2 volume 1 to historical level of blu-ray sales of anime. Especially ones that compare vol1 sale to per-volume averages, like, yes, we are buying all the volumes so we can use the codes, not really because we want the anime on Blu-ray.

You know what is brilliant? Bkub getting into imas.

On the Mind

Ikumi Hasegawa, anybody? She plays the lead female role in 86 and played a few other interesting characters. Really a seiyuu otaku’s seiyuu in that it’s really about her voice in the end.

Horses is still happening, on that note. Hasegawa plays Mihono Bourbon. Grats to Japan Derby’s winner Shahryar, nice try Efforia… The game is going, we’re grinding the June bride event.

In other mobage news, Refrain Kiss is happening in Theater Days! Goddamn it. It’s emo because I am an old timer, and I remember what 4th did to me. Hearing Risa Taneda talk about it briefly (20+mins) on her solo radio earlier this week is also quite emo. Million 7th Reburn deserves its own post, which you can find here. More tidbits will follow in the following days/weeks I’m sure.

THE IDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS 3rdLive tour has ended last weekend. I watched it in real time. It was great. I was tired, but it was worth it. SHHiis did their thing. It was rad. In a lot of ways 3rd tour felt like a blingy and fancy upgrade to ML3rd. The way they pulled off SHHiis reminded me of CG3rd when Hotel Moonside dropped. Without going into it much more I’ll just say that it takes a lot of hard work to plan a stage that can fit all the type of Shiny music they ran in the tour, since it’s got the new solos and the new group songs.

On the anime front, lately I’ve been catching up on Back Arrow. Why is nobody on my TL watching this? Am I just aging out of this? It’s great brainy teen-level robot anime. Vintage Goro.


I missed last week’s lineup–there were a few nuggets I guess. D4DJ at FujiQ being one, but you can’t watch that archive anymore. Million Live was two weeks ago but that archive won’t be out until later this month. Tokyo 7th Sisters had a thanksgiving event but no archives either… Well, there’s still Shiny Colors 3rd Fukuoka.

Jumping into the future, I’m not sure if I should post North America con news here or in the news section, but Otakon is going on with an in-person event, August 6-8, 2021. Early August is a decisive time because things won’t be switched over fully by then, but someone has to be first. No clue if I would go if it has no JP guests honestly.

Aniplex Online Fest returns on July 3rd.

For next weekend…

Kiyono Yasuno has a special stream on June 5.

Shiina Natsukawa has a stream also on the 5th.

Bang Dream Girls Talk Party. Both days.

Some kind of Gridman event. Gridman, not Dynazenon…

Megumi Ogata has a concert.

Miku Expo Online is all on June 6, with several shows.

Oh, I guess there was the Kizuna AI NYC show last weekend.

Personal Note

KuroCon is happening and between that and entertaining my folks till they leave, I don’t have any time.

Not sure how much more I can write here. Just really busy between sports watching, horse raising, work, and family stuff. I guess eventually I want to make room to catch up on anime, since I’m probably at the lowest level of anime consumption in decades…

Long Reads

Did you know both Matt Alt and Roland Kelts, who are anime-oriented “mainstream” writers, used the same joke in their headlines in mainstream pubs? Articles are worth reading, anyways.

This is a cool talk panel with Uematsu and Sakaguchi.

Some UCLA course linked me to this, which is amusing. You know what’s surprising to me is actually hearing Marty Friedman speak Japanese, and seeing it in a Youtube video from the year 2020.

Learn more about Mocho from IDOLY PRIDE Youtube.

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