Omonomono Newsletter, June 8 Update

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What a coincidence, I just watched A-Rod on TV the other day after a long while of not seeing him.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-06-08

Busy busy busy.

This Past Week

Kurocon announced Azusa Tadokoro! Big news to me.

Zack Snyder wants to make anime films, lol.

Anime of the year 2021 gets MX4D compilation film, too bad I can’t go see it.

New AJA Industry data shows anime is doing gangbusters.

There are going to be more Gundam Seed.

There’s a good run-down of licensing of anime in China for streaming you can read curtesy of an ANN staffer. Why it isn’t a proper article is beyond me, but it piggy-backs on this one.

Otakon is going ahead with a physical event this year. It’s in early August. I have not made up my mind if I want to go or if I will go. I don’t even know if it’s a good idea. I think cons will have to make this kind of a call as the USA transit from COVID land into more normal environs. The later they make the call, the easier it gets. But it’s an anime convention…it’s ultimately something I want to do as a leisure activity, not under the shade of politicized mask-wearing or the fact that vaccination rates are not as high as it can be. But for people who can ignore that, maybe it’s okay as long as it can be safely done.

This is cancel culture, right? LOL. Probably not. But well, people don’t like China in the west for a reason (of many).

IDOLM@STER Million Live Theater Days is rounding up to the 4th anniversary, so there was a stream to sort of set up the anniversary festivities on Monday. There’s the annual Famitsu survey up (closes tomorrow?), the anniversary event song and MV is out. The anniversary free event is set (on 7/4…rip Kurocon weekend). More outfits, more gacha, an upcoming selection ticket, a UX refresh…and much more.

Megalobox Season 2 has been really good, so I encourage everyone to read this creator interview and watch the show. Note that one of the writers lives in Warabi, Saitama lol.

Pilgrimaging gone bad.

I watched this on streaming in real time and it was great. I recommend yall to check it out.

The second best news last week was this, and I can’t wait to watch Shirobako in theaters.

Last bit for this week: Like I like Fate until FGO took on a life of its own, but this is just whitewashing. Like, sure, I am not exactly your customer base anymore, but this made sure that I won’t be. Still, it’s a nice little treat to hear seiyuu also sing this song LOL.

On the Mind

I watched the Hatsune Miku show last weekend, and it was pretty good! Especially since it’s free.

Minami Tsuda is a seiyuu I sorta like, for a lot of weird reasons, some random and some due to her skills and talents (I mean, she’s not bad). A particular thing about Tsuda is that she blogs still, but only updates a few times a year–less than a handful. It’s like today being her birthday (US-time at least) is one reason.

Lately I have been enjoying Shiina Natsukawa’s Culture Z radio, on and off. It’s late in the day for Japan but almost perfect for me (begins Noon eastern time). Here’s a clip which applies to Tsuda completely.

I feel the Umamusume slowing down, but it’s still a thing I do daily and I still enjoy doing it. I just wish I had more/stronger SSR supports or new horse to play with. I spend all my gems and the luck has been quite bad in this game so far. I don’t like to complain about luck but the bad luck leads to drought of new content. Maybe I should just save to spark instead of just wasting it every time.

Shiny Colors 3rd Tour ended, and it was great. It felt less punchy than ML 3rd but I kept comparing it to that. If I was actually into Shiny as much as I was into ML at the time, I guess it would feel a lot closer. Isn’t it nice how SHHiis’s OH MY GOD digitally charted a bit after? It’s a nice track.


A bit past the horizon, but Anisama adds 765Pro and Shiny Colors. It’s packed

State of Emergency is still on for some places, but the vaccination curve is getting better slowly. Maybe there will be a possible winter opening at this rate?

BlooDye special 2nd anniversary live? Soon?

Anyone remember can/goo?

Free Nao Toyama streaming concert!

I might watch this? Carin Isobe doing some play stage thing.

Personal Note

Between sports, anime, Umamusume, Kurocon, and work… as usual.

Long Reads

Mocho on IDOLY PRIDE history stream, part 2.

Back in March, Roland Kelts gave this talk over Zoom for Japan-America Society of Dallas Fort-Worth. Worth checking out. Thanks Miles!

Where do I stash this e-sports (Tekken) stream featuring Miyu Takagi? Don’t watch it, just…linking here for reasons.


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