Omonomono Newsletter, August 4 Update

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The dog days of August

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-08-04

Maybe Wednesday is the hump I needed to get these out. But this English-subbed music video sure is something, Ms. Kito!

This Past Week

The second Sidonia film to be screened over here later this year, thanks Funi.

Some cons are going to need that vaxx cert. Like this one. Will this one need it? This probably not huh. This one definitely not. Comiket is gonna be so nuts.

This is not really notable, but due to the way Chinese streaming services work, there were a bunch of screenshots leaked from “future” episodes. If you know Higurashi you know this is not good.

Olympics & One Piece.

Maybe I’ll go visit this sometime. I mean it’s better than putting a nendo in a weather balloon and calling it “going to space” sorry.

Pro-censorship remarks draw an apology after backlash. I can see what he said as being reasonable, but probably inappropriate anyways.

Congrats Reichama on your newborn son!

The Non Non Biyori event announced a new episode to be.

Damn, another one bites the dust, this one kind of historic.

I didn’t even know this was a thing, or maybe I did and choose to not remember it.

Get well soon, Hiroyuki Yoshino.

Get well soon, idols. I mean I knew this would be a headline ever since COVID became a thing but I guess now it really is.

ANN dude explains how anime is licensed. This is at a certain level where basics aren’t quite explained. But it isn’t like there are so many shows and licensees that it’s so transactional. Anyways, it’s a starting point if you are interested in learning more.

Haruhi is back. In more ways than one. But, not really–it didn’t ever go away in the first place.

Sup, India, do you rig?

Kamiyama’s new work now has a date, Jan 2022.

LiSA and Tatsuhisa Suzuki both are going on hiatus, probably related to the tabloid hit piece.

Look, it’s a dad joke and a world stream for Laraku 30th.

CR surpasses 5M paid subs.

On the Mind

Last week I posted about the IDOLM@STER VOY@GER thing and I’m listening to it as I write this week’s newsletter. That’s like, barely 2 weeks of time between announcing and selling the thing. They sure are cutting it close! That said I ended up preordering all 5 from Animate so uh, it worked. Listening to the audio from Mora and from less legal sources seem to indicate at least this isn’t a purchase I’ll regret. The song is a nice chill beat, and the selected singers all bring something to the table. Or at least, my table. Even with the 3 from Deremas felt like they’re all singing on the same register, it’s probably the first time I heard Ru Thing sing like this and it’s quite nice. My favorite is probably Shinymas’s rap part with Million for the rest of the song. That Fuyu voice adds a lot in contrast with Tooru and Natsuha. The Five Stars version makes the right choice of giving the rap part to the Mens though. Also, there’s something very IM@S-y about buying the same song like… 6 times.

The anime this season, it’s still going. I don’t know if I want to keep watching that 5-second show, instead of trying to finish that sky scraper survival anime from a season ago. I also tried out some Godzilla anime and it was pretty good, so I might try to binge it sometime. I am kind of bored of the new season of Beastars, NGL. I really don’t think most TV anime are good for binging anyways. My philosophy on this have been honed for decades and it really will depend on the show.


Kinda want to watch this episode of Omoide Anisong Doukoukai but not sure if I will bother… Well at least will watch the free part on Youtube.

I did catch the Kouhei Tanaka Sakura Taisen concert streaming archived. It was good, and emotional, I guess.

Meanwhile, COVID still sucks the life out of eventing even if Japan isn’t doing much to change things during the Olympics, versus prior SOEs. We’ll see how this turns out in the next few months as the Delta variant rages. Last week’s Mogra thing got cancelled last minute.

Last week Luna Haruna did a mini-live on Youtube sort of last minute, but you can still watch it.

Anyways, this week is CRX-V. The first notable thing is the concert tomorrow?

Kevin Penkin is doing a live at CRXV lol.

Burnout Syndromes.

Minori Chihara Summer Champion is this weekend, it’s her final live after all so I’ll probably watch somehow?

Nana Mizuki Live Express 2019 on YT.

GBF event on Sunday?

ARGONAVIS acoustic?

SoundOrion this weekend.

Flow on Monday?

Personal Note

Listen to rionos play a tune to get you to get the vax.

Stay safe errbody.

I’m at home watching MLB and I guess, a bunch of people chasing a cat. I watched a lot of baseball this year–would have watched way more last year but 2020’s season was only 60 games. BTW grats Samurai on getting into the Gold Medal game! Also good luck to the American national team, which is I guess full of minor leaguers behind old aces like Kazmir.

I’m able to balance between all my social games, work, and not much else going on this week. I want to say this is rare, but in reality I probably do it all the time, while feeling more overwhelmed than this week. I still want to drop one though.

Long Reads

Anime backstage chat youtube channel has EN subs?

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