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This Is Dumb

It’s never too late to back peddle, but they never do.

I tried to s/Hane/Yui in that post and it worked for maybe 60% of it. I just want to say that:

The ZX-10R is a very fast bike

Hane did make trouble for her friends, such as running into problems with her bike while on a group trip–but that’s a plot device/reference. In fact this is a reoccurring theme about motorbiking. You often travel in a group but it is really loner activity, and being left behind is a running gag kind of a thing. Maybe you can take the next step and say that KyoAni’s K-ON took it as it is and let it resolve without explaining things, but Bakuon had a point to make and it had to explain it.

We never saw the extent where Hane’s sister took cared of Hane, but sufficed to say Hane is a straight Yui knock-off, so I expect the same degree of reliance.

When it comes to a newbie’s journey into music versus into being a bike guy, I don’t really see any differences between the two narratives in those two stories maybe besides that one requires a team, and the other is just something you do in a group. If you think Yui is dumb for making problems for others, you clearly haven’t had enough Tarous in your life. If stupid people didn’t play in bands, rock music would be a terribly boring thing to get into.

That said, Bakuon is also my top series of the season. The reason behind it is that I thought anyone who would ask this question is probably looking for a dumb answer, because it’s not exactly the smartest question to ask. And if you want to distill a catalog of like 50 anime into one for some silly reason, this would be a good choice.