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Kick Heart Is Vanilla Kickstarter

I remember there was a charming brute from Kaiba by the name of Vanilla. He’s basically the essence to Kick Heart. It’s about as cheesy as what I told Yuasa when I saw him during AX.

Me: I just want to tell you, you’re a genius!

Yuasa: Oh thank you!

Me: Also I am a backer for Kick Heart. Just wanted to let you know I backed it because of that. [This is a paraphrase because I had to work it out with the interpreter.]

Yuasa: LOL you got good taste!

I’m not sure if it came across right but hey.

"A project like this would not get made otherwise."

It’s the same salty-but-sweet, like saltwater taffy (a NJ special lol) or the general mid-scale cuisine trend of using sea salt on your chocolate/caramel dessert combo, kind of a characterization in Kick Heart. The main character is, really, a tsundere. Except in good o’ Hentai Kamen style, the more he is down, the stronger he gets.

It’s also exactly the kind of project that Kickstarter is best designed for. I don’t mean this in an “indie police” kind of way but in a “this is how businesses do business” kind of way. KH was plug-and-play for the most part–one shot, animated short, primed as theatrical release material, stretches/rewards into DVD/BDs, original and made from scratch, limited funding options, etc. We’re not blazing new trails here, besides that Production IG is a new player and this is anime we’re talking about. Still neither Japan nor its animation are exceptional in this sense. If it fits all the right criteria, it’ll work fine. Especially with a genius animator as the “看板娘.”

Small and sweet Kickstarter yields short and sweet animation. It delivers on the dot. And maybe that’s all that matters.

Plus it’s nice to wake up to an email saying “click here and put in this password to get ten eighty pees, baby” that does not involve penis enlargement spam, or anything illegal.