Minoru Shiraishi Makes Me Proud

…to be a fanboy.

Because, after all, that’s how we get our grooves on. There’s no reason to adhere some preconceived notion of protocol and trivia. Granted it can be tiresome and bad for our bottom lines, spending our time and attention on trivia and coining words and phrases on the border of meme and fad, walking that preciptious edge a step away from the bottomless abyss of intarweb lunacy.

“Rise up,” Shiraishi said. And I think we will respond.

It’s no surprise that Shiraishi talks about this so-called “tsundere.” Lucky Star pays attention to that sort of thing, and within the bounds of its suspended reality we have at least one. No surprise there, Kagami?

But a rousing speech from this semi-important gag character is the least you’d expect. Albeit it is still a bit of a genre trope… a celebration of geek independence. We speak our own language, breath our own culture, and produce our own information products.

Don’t let the elitist know-it-all get you down! Rise up, cling to your own sense of justice, but also reason grounded in common-sense! Talk about tsundere!

5 Responses to “Minoru Shiraishi Makes Me Proud”

  • dm

    But… but… Shiraishi’s argument was that the term tsundere has been corrupted (presumably by commercial interests and promotion) and that the masses should rise up and reclaim the word for its original purpose. He was arguing that Kagami isn’t really tsundere, and concludes by calling for a new term to describe characters like Kagami. It was, basically, an elitist otaku argument (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Maybe he should unleash his fury on moe next.

    It was a great Lucky Channel segment.

  • Pete Zaitcev

    Oh noes, not moe, or he’ll rip into Miyuki! I usually hit stop when the show reaches Lucky Channel. I figure this was ep.10, gotta take a note.

  • omo

    Satire, right? I still think Lucky Channel is the best part of Lucky Star only because it does what we do, and criticize it beyond the 4th wall. On top of that, being also a part of Lucky Star allows it to poke fun of some things that you and I can’t.

    Like defining Moe. Doing it with Tsundere is actually exactly a poke at the great definition debate that went on with Moe. The big difference is simply that Japan has long ran with Moe into the mainstream. Tsundere hasn’t taken off yet.

    Pete: you suck.

  • Avatar

    Lucky Channel is an extremely good approximation of conversation at an anime company (possibly excepting the long-sleeved loli bit). ;p

  • omo

    LOL. Where did you think Lucky Star gets it from…

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