Mikan Straight, or Really まっすぐ Go!!

While it’s not uncommon for TV anime to release a straight-to-video bonus episode or two, few has done it so tightly knit with the TV airing as Manabi Straight.

Having seen it almost half a year later, it also reminded me how much I miss this motley crew.

And Momo.

And UFOTable’s weird quirks.


Talking with a few people about this OAV reminds me how the saccharine-laced ending may be too much for some, and the bittersweetness does not hit the spot of ultimate satisfaction.

This is a Chinese regional special

Still, bitterness and hardship are flavors of life that we all taste as we grow older. It brings character to a story, and gives the characters traction with the viewers’ minds.

For a bonus episode, this is heavy stuff. I guess that’s how Manabi Straight find its audience.


Celebrating the end of summer…a couple weeks late. Noticed the full moon?

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