Otakon 2012: Day 2

We ended the night spending 3 hours at a tapas place, chatting and drinking. It was actually quite pleasant and I would love to do it again when I’m not running on fumes. When we got back to the hotel room, well, there was this still.

As for the con, it was fairly condensed. Content ran from early in the day (NISA’s first East Coast anime panel complete with audience plant for Umineko’s announcement) and ended also early in the afternoon (was done after Maruyama’s MAPPA panel/Madoka autograph, unless you were pressed into doing Yuuka’s, er, press events–all by 6pm or earlier). Well, 6 was kind of late. Instead I played Tanto Cuore at the dealer’s room and spreading that Love maid love. Only wish if I had a chance to play some Riichi with all those mahjong addicted guys. I guess we could’ve played tenhou IRL, which is less pathetic than tweeting across the dinner table.

Ai Nonaka’s panel was quite something. I’m obviously way biased as a long-time fan, but it’s not usual when the Japanese seiyuu guest goes on the stage and says “take lots of photos!” and goes double-V for all the guys in front. Well, there were a couple girls in the front row after all. That’s just the start. Her English was passible although she stuck to very simple phrases when she could, and went to the translator (Taka) for the rest. It was an early-morning panel and she was very full of energy. Possibly one of the best seiyuu panel i’ve been to for a girl.

Yuuka’s panel was fairly predictable, but she played it straight.

Aya Hirano’s was actually also predictable. She’s a good sport and very pro at this stuff. Katja line required some guts! I think she got in the spirit of thing while keeping it under control. Definitely pro.

Can’t complaint. I got my main targets today. Urobuchi’s interview went well, although I could use another 10 minutes, if not an hour. He’s “one of us” in a lot of ways.

Lots of MJ and Tanto. Good times.

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