Year in Review 2016: Introduction

Twenty-sixteen was a fun year for me. I mean, on some level, it had to be, when I am producing these awesome weekender packages that some nerds only dream of? But wait a second, who dreams of weekending to Japan just so they can watch CG 4th? You? You have problems. And I know by experience that you have problems.

This is the season for introspection. Introverts introspect. This is the introduction to a series of introspections by an introvert. That hasn’t changed in 2016, but the amount of time I spend doing this has.

I am writing less and less. In exchange I was able to maintain a good portion of my anime time and even occasionally some gaming. I still don’t have a S-ranked idol in Platinum Star because its mobage-style life rubs me the wrong way–I’d rather just buy DLCs ala OFA and leave it at that. I played some fun games this year too, like my current jam: Shadowverse. If I couldn’t get the rest of the series out, it’s because a new expansion for Shadowverse drops tomorrow.

The bulk of the time I spent is eventing. What comes with eventing are weekends you spent doing the events. The times you take to travel to and from. The time you take to get prepard (and I usually try). And then there’s the time you take to recover from eventing, which, I also know by experience, increase as you get older.

I am getting old. And this eventing and related fatigue, as I know from experience, really knocks me out from doing auxiliary things, such as writing here. But rather than blaming my extravagant single lifestyle, I think I also spent too much time working and all these hardcore hobbying is running up against the Real Life.

As for this fandom from the perspective of an American, I think overall we’re heading to a good direction. Con-wise, every year with a good AX is a good year, hate saying it but it’s true. I went to Hawaii for a con, and that was great, at least the Hawaii parts. I went to Canada for a con (that’s not new) and produced a crazy-butt offkai, albeit not as good as 2015’s I think. I miss Poole’s.

I miss my staycations. I’m going to get just that this holiday season. Stay tuned?

Year-in-review 2016:

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