Omonomono Newsletter, June 14 Update

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This morning I woke up and I see Inotak getting roasted on Twitter. Why? Because he debuted as a solo artist??? Yeah, I see why now.

Meanwhile, Koji Nakagawa (or as Ps know as Fechigawa) posted on twitter for the first time in 9 years.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-06-14

Busy busy busy.

But maybe a bit of vacation this week. Wish I can do some of my own long reads then lol. Lots of those this week.

This Past Week

Looks like more JP government money is going to Sony Music to promote Trysail. Which is why you can watch this stuff on Youtube with 1080p. I know some Trysailors are up in a riot because the usual stuff is gated behind CD gachas or at 480p or some dumb/anti-fan stuff that Sony/Muray is just infamously known for.

Why did I get this PR in English? Same reason maybe. Reina blu-ray October.

Not news per se, but MAL is promoting this Zombieland Saga thing. Nice prize for the contest, and seems interesting.

MASTER ARTIST 4 release event on Youtube (and Nico). The Columbia store bonus is 4 remix tracks from Inotaku, Sato, LindaAI-CUE and Hidekazu Tanaka. Pretty bop if you ask me.

Looking forward to that hour-long WEP final.

LOTR anime is a thing now. Kenji Kamiyama no less.

More Netflix announcements: Hathaway, Bright: Samurai Soul, Exception, and others…

Netflix’s live action Bebop adaptation gains Kanno soundtrack, well.

It’s not like I am tired of the Cowboy Bebop OP, but, yeah, it’s overplayed.

GKIDS to distribute the new Hosoda film.

Naoki Urasawa launches a Youtube channel with ENG SUBS.

The new SideM game got announced finally, along with a new 3-member unit. It looks a bit like BanG Dream…

Asei Kobayashi passed away on May 30. He was 88.

On the note of dead people.

My condolences to the Nagashima family.

Koichi Yamadera meanwhile marries talent Robin Shoko Okada. Yamadera is a veteran seiyuu who is the ex-husband of Mika Kanai and Rie Tanaka.

To end on an up note, Aya Ikeda gives birth!

On the Mind

Happy Birthday Hot Princess!

I guess, this was a good game. Maybe worth looking into.

Gonna struggle during Gemini Cup at horses, but otherwise just going to take it easy until after Kurocon. Just trying to stay above the fray right now, although I’ll enjoy by B bracket games lol. BTW this is a calculator for pvp cups, but I didn’t even get the time to use/test it.

Last weekend was IdolCon, which is a US-based online event featuring a lot of content that people into “idols” anime and games are into, as well as vtuber and anime dance cover stuff. Bushiroad was able to partner with them and bring a bunch of the voice cast plus Shu Uchida. Very on target for that crowd. I tried to watch some of it and it’s kind of painful, but the content is genuinely interesting. Hope they are able to do it again? Some stuff is on VOD on Twitch.

I guess I thought about Otakon again this week but really TBD for me.

Otakuthon has some guests. Online though.

AX has some also.

As the anime season wraps up from Spring into Summer, it felt like Spring this year was a good time for anime. Most of the shows I kept up are good, and there are a handful I want to go back and power through.


Makkun has her album-based live show this weekend and I should buy it already lol.

Run Girls Run announces something here very soon!

Eir Aoi has some orchestral live on the 16th.

Silent Siren has some orchestral live on the 17th…lol

Romancing Saga Fes?

D4DJ battle fest is like, recreating the in-anime audience voting thing I guess?

Free Union Square Garden live on Youtube!

Yojo Senki stream, announcing some new stuff on Abema.

Bradio live on Linelive. I saw them at Otakon the other time, it’s worth it if you enjoy this kind of thing…and is not the middle of the night for you lol.

Choucho birthday live on Pia.

Re:Zero Season 2 event. Basically the full cast?

Noriko Hidaka’s 40th birthday leads into Non Fes, which is basically this weekend and you can stream it here. I say “leads into” because she’s been promoting it for basically a year and a half.

Personal Note

Between sports, anime, Umamusume, Kurocon, and work… as usual. Now with more family time.

Something powerful to realize is that once you hit the typical age of a college undergraduate, you have already spent like 80% of your face time with your parents, in your entire life, ever, on average. For a westerner (or specifically an American) I guess. All I’m saying is as you get older you will treasure this face time more, assuming you’re on good terms with your parental units. Gotta do what you gotta do here.

Long Reads

A lot this week.

This Youtube video shows an old Japanese guy who is really into JP horse racing, for 40 years, trying to guess which character design belongs to which horse. You can see his brain cranking out the answer. Neat stuff.

I haven’t linked much to Sakugabooru (if at all) but it’s always worth reading. Just highlighting this post which is more of a human look on the biz side of outsourcing.

ANN is doing seasonal guides on manga and light novels. Light novel is definitely a space that needs more of things like this.

There is this really nice interview with Masami Okui, and it’s even in both English and Japanese. The site is a bit potatoes so take your time loading it.

Lastly, until 6/19, one of the WUG stage shows is on Youtube. Thanks Pachinko people.

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