Omonomono Newsletter, June 23 Update

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I didn’t really wake up this morning. The price I pay to run Kurocon I guess.

Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-06-23

I took a break last week but I’m trying to not skip a beat. I felt tired yet refreshed so maybe that’s fine.

A lot is going on as we transit from Spring into Summer. But I probably missed a good chunk of that because I took a break, lol.

This Past Week

This is the first thing I saw this morning and I have no words. Azur Lane finally added USS New Jersey last month (CV: Miyu Tomita) and now there’s some collab with IDOLM@STER AS…I guess we’ll find out in July.

More idols for this planet.

Ranga tour? I miss Sendai… BTW one of the chika idols I casually follow in Sendai started to work at a different idol cafe that’s in planning.

Umamusume sold a lot but, look, it’s Hathaway.

Nijisanji tries to recruit more.

Both Zombie Land Saga S2 gets an uninterrupted 27 minutes. Good! Will whet my appetite for Wonder Egg Priority finale later next week…

What’s really the main dish is the prequel film for Farewell, My Dear Cramer. It’s delightful and wonderous, and I wish more sports drama are framed this way. Thank you CR. It obviously helps that I’m really digging the TV series, and the movie fills in all the gaps. It is more or less standalone, but it’s a toss-up if you may enjoy it more before or after you watch the TV series, as there’s a bit of emotional feedback loop going.

Funi licenses Josee anime.

GKIDS picks up Deer King.

ChanRina on IG.

In COVID news, Japan is doing better with steady vaccination distribution and administration. But they’re going into this weird semi-SOE with the Olympics on the horizon (and passing basically the point of no return).

Naho Misaki catches COVID. Carin Isobe quarantines for contact tracing.

In less dire news, Gochiusa final album getting EN PR…OK.

Reina Ueda’s new album getting EN PR…OK!

On the Mind

Gridman sure ended. I guess it was fun. Crystallizing that vibe from contemporary sentai shows as an anime has a very neat flavor. The story might lack a lot of oomph, but it was sweet.

Is this normal? I guess I can catch up on Isekai Maou using the uncensored version. I mean, there is not a lot to censor although, there are some stuff…

The St. Million events are the best.

IDOLM@STER Red leaders assemble at Bili World 2021?

Pui Pui Molcar Cushions. Literally my mind right now.


Kurocon in less than 2 weeks. :PANIK:

Somewhat related are the schedules for Aniplex Online Fest and AX Lite.


Dialogue+’s regular performance!

Just repping this week’s D4DJ DJ Time.



Legend of Mana 3 25th rescheduled.

Looks good. May’n, Konomi Suzuki, and that…hockey anime thing.

Mappa 10th anniversary. Youtube stream available?

Notable but hard to view: Maaya Sakamoto 25th.

A stream of the 3/27 Trysail concert.

Personal Note

I mentioned elsewhere, but not sleeping regularly is bad for health, in the context of staying up to watch live streams from Japan. Paying $50 or whatever to watch Trysail stream a studio concert is fine, but it’s hard to enjoy it when it’s like, 4am US Eastern time. This kind of rules out enjoying most laid-back kind of concert real time. And when I do watch the shows that have timeshift/archives, it’s hard to recreate the right mood. Sometimes these barriers alone are enough for me to not try, especially if it’s a paywalled thing. I mean it’s gotten to the point where I would buy the stream and not getting around to watch it, especially if I end up making a copy >_>.

But this is these are the choices I made in this life, I guess, so besides watching these streams, I had to stay up to record and coordinate ones for KuroCon. Maybe there’s a meme that better encapsulate this.

Long Reads

Just to note, the re-stream of the FujiQ Million Live 7th Reburn show is this weekend. One of the cast member decide to write a blog post to summarize her experience in some details. It’s like 14k characters long. Thank you Rie Suegara for the hard work.

Horse Racing Ojisan/dad returns this week to guess more Umamusume.

Junichi Sato does this online talk if you want to hear from the anime director. Thanks, Japan Media Arts Festival.

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