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Details in Space, Details from Space

There is just one comment I want to make:

How do you deal with an audience who is going to point out that those girls are working in zero-gravity with skirts? In a show where they’ve tried to, well, avoid showing anything underneath skirts? Tried to, because it seems that they did in Mouretsu Pirates anyway.

How do you deal with an audience who is going to ask themselves “Wait, how do you get cellular reception underwater?”

I guess this is where I grin and nod to your typical Tatsuo Sato anime.

I think that is one of the continuing challenges to make content for an increasingly fanatic and jaded crowd; like a sea of Simpson’s Comic Book Guys. But some people just have the touch.

Two girls, one cup.

The forbidden uniform. The forbidden line. What is next?!

Wait… Disney will never license this show, right? Just like Ocean Waves, right? LOL.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Is Just Like Onegai Teacher

It is one thing when some new show gets compared to some other show for some reason. Sometimes it’s quite superficial (Guilty Crown:Code Geass) other times it’s because they come from the same staff (Ghost in the Shell SAC:Eden of the East). Sometimes, it’s because of both. On occasion, you know a show is just like this other show, made by the same people, with the same themes and ideas, telling more or less the same story, but just a reboot (Utena:Mawaru Penguindrum). Once in a blue moon, you get some show that is just like some other shows because the same people that worked on both shows are aping off the same idea they made a long time ago into some new show that is suppose to make you go “oh hey this is just like Onegai Teacher.”

Where do they start? Setting? Nah. Music? Eh. Character design and color direction? Background art?

The opening.

I pity the fool who skips openings. Because anyone who knows his anime production costs know like, a good chunk of the total budget goes into that 90 seconds. It’s kind of like eating a strawberry shortcake and not eating the strawberry on top. Actually, it’s more like having excellent ramen but not drink the stock. Yes, I admit, sometimes it’s okay to skip the OP. Especially for long running shows. But sometimes it makes the difference of having the right mood and expectation going into a show and end up liking it, and not having that set for you and end up hating the same show.

So if you would have a look down memory lane:

Onegai Teachers OP (the bonus version w/o credits)


Onegai Twins OP (It does an audio lead in, so sometimes the effect vary! Whiplash~)


And now AnoNatsu OP (wwww onetits)


The feeling of the three OPs are similar, but not the same. I think Onegai Twins OP is very similar to AnoNatsu simply because of the same cuts technique, except Onegai Twins has a more upbeat affair, and the visual shows. Well, there are really just three people in that show, versus something like 6 here. Gone is overlapping fades and in is weird CG effects to play with the colorspace. The photo/film effect is in for all three, but the way they’re done is different–Oneti uses that candid cam motion thing, OneTwi is a slideshow, and AnoNatsu is using filters.

Well, I’m not very good at this but there are plenty of other things you can point out. It’s just right there.


One thing I want to comment on about AnoNatsu right off the bat is that the character that made Oneti for me has a parallel in AnoNatsu. Koishi single-handedly sold me Oneti. I thought Ayako did an awesome job in it, and I remember still vividly trying to talk about it with some director, who pointed out how the schtik was suppose to work. The girl carrying the torch right now in AnoNatsu is played by Kaori Ishihama, who is mostly a newbie. Kind of excited! On the other hand, maybe the more service-friendly and mysterious Mio played by perennial moe queen Kana Asumi could also make a  move. Everyone made moves in Oneti and Onetwi, after all.

And yeah, Yukari Tamura reprises her deadpan role in Remon. Although Ichigo is more deadpanned by an order of magnitude, actually. Happy 10th anniversary for this character.

The biggest question is, though, can Tomato pull one out of her butt? I guess it depends on how you feel about her role as Anaru.